Today Was Electrical Waste Day

19 Aug

Today was electrical waste day.

After spending the last week  at work collecting everybodies electrical waste, removing all reminders of Cardiff University, recording the Inventory and Serial Numbers (which were always on the bottom of the really heavy objects) and putting all this information onto a nicely planned out spreadsheet – I got told that we had to organise it in a totally different way than what I had so carefully done over the last week.

SO myself and another super-star collegue, got the cardboard boxes, got the trolleys and got up to our elbows in sharp motherboards and heavy monitors. Re-recording what was in boxes (and mainly what was not) and ensuring nothing had been taken out of the lab they were being stored in (When this happened before I was allowed to be angry with the professor that did it…. but forgave him after). We then set about to the third floor for afternoon tea break.

Although this isn’t what I did all day, it shadowed my acheivement from  earlier in the day and made it rather sad. Earlier in the day the inventory list had been reduced from 3 pages, to just under 4 pages! That was done in about an hour!

I am currently trying to build a ‘traffic light system’ where each LED is turned on by different voltages. However my attempts have lead to the destruction of 3 potentiometers, 2 resistors and resulting in my fingers being singed. Needless to say, I’m not allowed to use electrical componants until i build a working model on the computer. Using Multism, which doesn’t always show you what will blow up/smoke/get hot/catch on fire.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day!
Friday Feeling and all that.


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