Today: I’m Glad it’s Over!

20 Aug

Today we sorted the LAST of the Electrical waste. Sent it off. Then Settled in for morning tea break.

After the relaxation that was tea break- and the discussion about how many places Cardiff had accepted from UCAS and how many had been declined… – We got onto the Inventory. Everything over £7k had to be ticked off to make sure people hadn’t nicked it and stuff. We got the usual responses to the rather uninformative item descriptions “O it’s the bench we’re looking for!” and “It’s a program for the computer…” We got some rather surprising locations for the items, general ones like “O it’s in my upstairs lab” and “I think i put it away in a cuboard…” Then we got ones like “I think we’ve sent that to Cambridge” and “We sold that crap to Exeter Uni” All the way too “Yeah… that’s in Antartica…” and “That is currently in space at L2… beyond the Earth’s orbit

Pretty big extremes really!!!

After they had run out of stuff for us Junior technicians to do i cracked on with trying to construct a working traffic light system (where each light is operated by a switch and not by time delay… stupid Google) which resulted in me building something completely different, that didn’t work (stupid PCB).

Anyway. The day got better as i had to drive to the post office to pick up my new clothes!!! They had been delivered when i wasn’t in so i was treking to get them. Stupid Cardff traffic it took me half an hour to get half a mile!! So badly taking the short route i took on the way home!!!

BUT The clothes fit!!! ish. I still have a complex where i hate my body right now. Nothing seems to shift!!! i’m eating properly, gym Mondays, Swimming Wednesdays, on my feet walking about at work!!! I dunno what is going on 😦 I’m destined to remain fat.

On a brighter side the F1 is next weekend!! SPA!!!! Most tracks have been in Red Bull Racings favour and i see that continuing, Mark Webber’s brilliant form and Seb Vettel’s unlucky times are indicating a FANTASTIC race this coming week. Hopefully Alonso will crash out taking Schumacher with him in some hilarious and safe way… ie it’s his fault completely!!!

Right must get back to enjoying my Friday night in by myself.

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