Today: It’s the End of the Weekend :(

22 Aug

This weekend was one of those where i just had to get the little things done.

Unlike previous weekends where i have just got up at about half 10 and done everything by 2, I spent the entirity of Saturday playing games. That is until it got to half past 4 ( i woke up at 11 see,) where i decided it would be a brilliant idea to tidy and hoover my room. Now i normally do this every couple of months – The BIG tidy, you know, the one that involves moving furniture and the like – But yesterday i just had the urge (i blame the kick i was drinking).
WELL. 15 spiders, 3 hours, 4 cups of tea, 3 civilisations destroyed (playing Civ 4 at the time), 4 pairs of shoes thrown out and 2 bin bags of rubbish and my room looks tidier πŸ™‚

 Then generic make-up on, posh dress and shoes, and i performed to my mirror for several more hours before crashing out to sleep!

Sunday-TODAY. Woke up at 11:57, still morning i guess… Finished my Sims 3 stuff and was upset that it didn’t work 😦 new driver updates and a system restore later and the injuries my laptop had suffered became apparent. The graphics card is officially dead, it can’t cope with anything more graphic than BBC IPlayer and even that is a bit jittery 😦 so to sulk i had lots of chocolate and watched the BTCC final race on ITV4.

Pretty good i muat say! First BTCC race i have every watched and i found it exciting, compelling and highly competetive!! i think i’ll be watching it again! As long as it doesn’t clash with the F1 πŸ™‚

Less than a week to go till Spa!!!! Christian Horner has been giving his usual “This could be our weakest track” speech whilst giving that little grin he gives whilst being interviewed! I’m sure that RBR will be doing great at Spa, and he’ll be twitching his foot just to show us!

Closer to the time i think i’ll post my pre-race blog up too. The one i put on the RBR community site, just to get it out there!

On the subject of F1, if you’re a fan at all, check WTF1 out. it’s the lighter side to the drama of F1!

Monday tomorrow, i hope it goes by quickly!

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