Today: A Day of Paper Aeroplanes

24 Aug

Well Monday was a typical start of the working week type day. People were picking up on stuff they had yet to finish from the week before and reluctantly trudging round trying to finish it before firs tea break. This if course meant i was chasing up and tidying up all the electrical waste and what was left from the inventory.

Last week we had managed to reduce the inventory (items over £7k) from 184 items down to just 24 items, all in 4 days, and we were left with the few difficult items left to find. NOW remember from one of my previous blogs we had reduced the inventory pretty well and that the items had less than useful item descriptions. WELL a couple of these things i happily got to write on “On a Satellite – Planck out in space” To be honest we should have noticed the big capital letters saying ‘PLANCK’ and taken that as a hint. ANYWAY, the few remaining items were about 4 inches long, had no label on them, and we had no idea what they looked like. So you can imagine the fun and games we had in locating them. Thankfully we had a couple of slaves (academics) who could locate some of the trickier ones!!

Monday i also found out more about my Pop’s situation. He’s currently in hospital with some of his small intestine removed after a pretty nasty hernia. (sad sad times) So i will be making an unplanned return home to try and do my part in looking after my granny and take her shopping and make her tea and stuff :). And also act as taxi to my little brother for his Reading Festival adventures.

Today being Tuesday, i got to finish adding MORE THINGS TO THE ELECTRICAL WASTE LIST. Which as you can probably tell i was thrilled about! Whilst also intermittently updating the inventory from various people. Who kept sending me e-mails about what was found by the Academics and de-soldering some random motherboard to save some componants.

Morning Tea couldn’t have come at a better time!! Last night i went to my friends house where had a curry lots of wine and a gossip (I needed it!) So this morning i was feeling a little worse for wear, which was fixed at tea break by a nice big cuppa and a bacon and eg baguette 🙂 OM NOM NOM NOM!

Myself and a collegue then went around testing the lecture room technology after lunch and afternoon tea break, where we obviously were playing loud music to test the sound system, Music such as Genesis – I Can’t Dance…. LOUDLY. hehe. We were very popular on the third floor today! We also had an aeroplane competition, ie, we made papre aeroplanes and tried to see who could get their plane to the back of the lecture theatre. I won.


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