Today: A Summation and Prediction

29 Aug

This week i had to return back to my parents house on Wednesday, I was one of the few relatives in the country who could come back and make sure my Granny was ok and take her back and forth from the Hospital to see my Pops.

Thankfully he is now fast on the recovery track, just trying to get over a chest infection then he should be released within the next few days! Which means i’ll be returning back to Cardiff on Monday.

I am also the now designated “amazing big sister” for my little brother, who is at Reading Festival this weekend, he’s seems to be enjoying it, but, like most people there, was not impressed with Guns N Roses turning up an hour late to their set. I have also been sending him cricket updates, driving him back and forth to shower….

I think i have spent more time driving this weekend than anything else!!

Speaking of Driving, Today is RACE DAY!!! F1 is finally back and the grit himself Mark Webber grabbed pole in what is now the most confusing grid ever!

Alonso is down in 10th… and well the top 10 have pretty much remaind the same since qualifying, however everybody else has incurred penalties galore!  Engine and gearbox changes, 10 place grid drop for the 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher, and then just random penalties for people impeding each other, overtaking in a yellow flag, and causing general comotion. I would start talking about who is where, but there are about 4 versions of where people are…. so i won’t put too much comment on!!

Big congratulations to Heikki Kovalinen and Timo Glock for making it to Q2, HK now in 13th and TG has been dropped to 20th… I think.

My predictions for the race?

  • Alonso will have a really really good drive, but miss out on the Podium, Behind Massa
  • Button will again be ignored by the BBC
  • Red Bull will have the 1-2
  • Petrov will drive so well he will finish in the top 10
  • Michael Schumacher won’t.
  • Reubens Barichello may – hopefully – end up on the podium through sheer luck
  • Hamilton won’t make it to lap 10
  • It will rain on half the track
  • Somebody will run out of tyres
  • “Spa has it’s own Microclimate” will be said on numerous occasions
  • Martin Whitmarsh will comment on how Red Bulls car is illegal. Again.

Well I’m just going to make a large cup of tea and grab my work, and settle down for one of the most unpredictable races of the season!!!


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