Today: HRT’s Bad Luck

10 Sep

Second Practice went ahead and the F-duct decision at McLaren was made even harder when it was shown that Lewis Hamilton’s car performed just as well without the F-duct, as Jenson Button’s did. DECISIONS!

Hispania Racing had a pretty rough time of it, Bruno Senna’s car was doing this yo-yo effect back and forth from the garage with numerous problems, and Sakon Yammamoto’s car got pushed back to the pits by he Marshels. Setting his fastest time of the weekend.

Felipe Massa had a near miss with a wall coming into the last corner, but managed to cut straight across the track,  and head into the pitlane, THANKFULLY he didn’t hit anyone coming round the corner at 170 mph….

Not all of the session was Doom and Gloom though.

Lucas Di Grassi hit the fastest speed through the speed trap of 345km/h, and Sebastian Vettel nicked first place off The McLaren’s with Fernando Alonso coming second and his Team Mate Massa coming third. The McLarens took up 4th and 5th. The William’s team put out a good showing ending up in the top 10 with the Renault’s hardly making an impact and Mercedes hardly showing up!

A sign of things to come? Probably not. But It would sure make things more interesting when it came to sunday.

On another note, whilst watching the delights of FP2 I FINALLY managed to make the ‘traffic light’ system (an indicator for what gear you are in for the formula student car). It’s only taken about 6 weeks!!! but it does come on, at different voltages, YAY! Not sure how I’m going to connect it to the car, but at this moment, it works!


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