Today: It Must be Race Day- Monza

12 Sep

With McLaren regretting the spilt set-ups of their cars, Ferrari effectively dominated qualifying, Alonso (eyebrows) taking pole, the F-duct(ed) Jenson Button taking second and Massa lining up with Mark Webber to take the second row of the grid.

However much of a talented driver Lewis Hamilton may be, being stuck behind all of his Championship rivals and on the same row as the feisty Sebastian Vettel will certainly cause him some problems.

The first lap should be a critical time for all championship contenders, as there is no rain predicted during the race, the only other chance they could get at solidifying their positions is at the pit-stop. Which on a dry Monza track, will only happen once.

I hope for the Aussie Grit Mark Webber to sweep up past Button’s fat rear wing to grab a podium position.

I am not sure anybody can deny a total Ferrari white wash of Monza, I just hope that this time the true race result can stand on the podium.


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