Today: Truely Satisfying

16 Sep

Today was day 2 of the 6th form conference that Cardiff University‘s Department of Physics and Astronomy are holding for lower 6th pupils to come and see some examples of what physicists do.

Brilliant idea – If the talks are aimed at them. All 6 presentations were interesting, thought provoking and had some pretty cool demonstrations. However it was all just that much too over the heads of young adults, just a few days out of GCSE.

O well. The event is still a success! So much so, it was good too see that these young adults were asking us (as the undergrads) questions. Not just the standard questions you get (what’s the difference between Astrophysics and Astronomy?) but questions about how they could cope on the course, and asking advice about application and what they can do to improve their chances.

One girl added to her feedback form a long essay about how she was interested in Physics -No real surprise their – But then she goes on to talk about how she would like advice as to how to get on a physics degree WITHOUT a Maths A-Level. Having been in a similar situation with my epic failiure at maths, i tried to help her as best i could, which was then reflected in her essay.

I handed the feedback form to our admissions tutor, to see if she could give this girl any advice – to which her response was:

“I’ll give her a call”

However simple this reponse was, it gave me great confidence that I truely am at an amazing department. They actievely seem to care about current, past and even potential students. Down to the individual needs.

After the thousands of people who applied and got into university, how many people do you think got that type of treatment?

A* Cardiff.

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