Today: The End is in Sight

30 Sep

It’s coming up to my final year at uni. I was pretty adament that i wouldn’t be participating in freshers week, due to me not really being bothered and due to the fact that freshers are inheritantly annoying.

A sudden wave of panic passed over me on Sunday afternoon however – kind of like a midlife crisis, but for students – that i wouldn’t beable to do anything like this again,  go out to my union and party till 2am whilst drinking more thn the recommended limit, dancing in terribly innappropriate shoes, and kissing boys i don’t really plan on learning the names of.

So to embrace this new found panic, i’ve been out as much as possible this week. Judging freshers, getting attention from all the younger guys who WISH they could get with a final year girl. Was pretty fun!

I was out at a union event last night called ‘megalash’ and my my was it mega. 4500 students to attend the multi-venue event within the union building i spent most of the evening dancing the night away in the night club with my friends, which kept a big smile on my face. I’ve missed my friends this summer and it occured to me that we only met 2 years ago really. Yet these are friends i am quite keen to keep in my life, yes yes i am sure that contact will be lost with most people i meet at uni, but these 4/5 have made such an impact on my life that i plan on keeping them in it!

Not to say i haven’t already had friends like this. I keep in contact with a few people from school and just stalk the rest on facebook like every other normal person.

This final year is going to be a massive decider in my life. I have only recently decided what i want to do and with that in mind i want to acheive the very best i can.

My initial goal when getting onto my preliminary year was to graduate. Graguate with honours and prove to all my teachers who said I would never go to Cardiff University wrong. The swift arrival of that goal in the next 10 months has made me hunt for a new one.

Tony Fernandes told me to “Dare to Dream“. So with that, i hope you’ll all see me sat on the pit wall during the F1 in the next 20 years or so.

It’s a tough dream let alone a goal. But I don’t back down from a dare lightly.

Lectures start on Monday, as does the stress of an overloaded work schedule and social calender.

Bring it On!!!


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