Today: #scienceisvital

4 Oct

A recent protest silently growing in support, titled: Science is Vital, it aims to curb spending cuts in the scientific community by showing the government how science is VITAL.

I posted a blog a few weeks ago (Today: I’m a Grown up Scientist) hopefully it illustrated my dissapointment in the government for not seeing how cruicial science is.

I must admit i didn’t ever think that I could sign a petition, for any cause, I’m not entirely sure why but i think it has something to do with them not really having much impact. Now however I can tell why people sign it. It show passion, it shows enthusiasm, it shows that people care and most of all, It shows how vital science truely is.

I’m signing it. You should do it too here

So to the cut-myster. If you want to dissapoint all these people, these respected scientists, these budding young scientists, these enthusiasts and these researchers – GO AHEAD. I sure won’t stick around the UK to try any more further education as what’s the point? You’re getting rid of all the science jobs that attracted me to do a science degree in the first place.

I give you the finger, I take my Passport, I leave. Tarra!

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