Today: Day 4 of the cyclic Revision Process

20 Dec

Optics and Fourier Transforms: (prediction 60%)

  • My project in practice
  • My worst nightmare for maths
  • Non – applicable calculation of intensities
  • Requirement of Red Bull
  • Only applicable in Fourier Transform instruments and hence is useless in every other practice.

Techniques in Theoretical Physics: (prediction 50%)

  • Maths.
  • Matrices.
  • Application of Matrices
  • Matrices
  • The only lecture i read a textbook instead of listnening to a lecturer talk
  • Differential equation. (not plural… just one that you change letters in to change what it means)

Applications of Quantum Mechanics: (prediction 60%)

  • LIES. there are no applications.
  • maths
  • new maths
  • Integration of er…. Maths.

Electromagnetic Radiation Detection: (prediction 70%)

  • More things to learn than the bible off by heart.
  • Combination of every second year course
  • Actually interesting
  • Looooooooong.

Galaxies: (prediction 60%)

  • So much information in the course
  • All maths in the exam
  • No maths in the course…..
  • O.o


This is my christmas break. Plus the summary of the courses. 5 exams, 7 days in January, and that’s just because there is a Weekend in the way……



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