Today: Christmas Cheer

26 Dec

It was an official white christmas for some locations in the UK today. Thankfully Reading wasn’t one of them. With everything tht had to be dealt with this christmas – a snowy one would really be pulling Santas rather large thigh.

My grandparents (dad’s side) came to visit us this christmas, and far from the usual family discussions (argumental debates) it has been a pleasent and fun time having them here. Yes we’ve had the typical “Harriet has gone off crying because (insert family name here) just couldn’t stop and think for 10 seconds” I got over it, and then carried on with a tradition that has been brewing the past 3/4 years where my Grandad and I never let our glasses empty…

This was just Christmas eve.

Staggering up the stairs and then trying to wrap christmas presents whilst in this erm… ‘state’ is a right laugh. Especially when your loving father doesn’t leave enough paper to wrap everything with… *eyeroll*

Morning comes and the delightful Waitrose bag that was used for stockings (i walked STRAIGHT past it the night before) contained some much needed neurofen a toothbrush and a meercat sylvanian family set… along with the standard socks and essential underwear.

Our stockings are odd. They consist of anything that we need in the month of December (shampoo, vaseline, chewing gum….) and have chocolate added to it. I also got a lovely pair of soft lazy trousers. LOVE THEM.

Traditionally my family have a full English brekkie. Which I cooked this year… I didn’t realise I had done it all till i realised that my mum had just focused on her Bubble and Squeak….. 🙂 WIN!

PRESENTS!!!! fun times. New straighteners, another Red Bull Jacket which will result in my mum having the other, and me having this one… At least she knows where the Bull Shop is 🙂 🙂

My grandparents (both sides) enjoyed their presents me and my brother got them and I felt I helped my mum out suitably today 🙂

I did make the starter. Prawn Cocktail. yum.

Exhaustion has hit me now though… 6 nights rubbish sleep tends to render you useless after  a while. I’ll watch the first few overs of the 4th Ashes test and then sleep i think.

Hope Everyone has had a lovely day, Bring on New Year!

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