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Today: The Fresh Prince with Bad Hair

29 May

Thanks to @charliestyman (twitter) For this rendition of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘!

“Now this is a story all about how,

Monaco Grand prix didn’t go well,

And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there

I’ll tell you how I became a fool with bad facial hair.

After qualifying started ninth and raged

By the forum blamed it on my race not age.

Chilling out, racing, looking all cool.

It all went ok, until lap thirty four.

Saw a couple of guys, and thought nothin’

Till they made trouble about the hairpin

Webber came first, then Massa turned in, On radio

I said “It was on purpose” hoping officials listen in

I finished in sixth, and when I came in,

I spoke to Lee McKenzie without a big grin

If anything I should say the officials are fair

But I thought “nah forget it I want this on air”

I pulled up all my knowledge of Ali G.

‘maybe its cause I’m black” I yelled to ‘Kenzie

Looked at her reaction, I was finally there

Just a sore loser, with bad facial hair.”


Today: It’s because i’m black

29 May

Monaco GP.

The most exciting queue of traffic on the calender. Not known for it’s overtaking todays race quite certainly broke the mould.

Safety cars, a red flag, race restart and drive through penalties. Some people seem more hard done by than others.

Lewis Hamilton made the mistake of running on the inside of people whilst others had the racing line, causing an avoidable accident (twice) which then led to the retirement of the 2 drivers.

Now, i know Lewis Hamilton is such a sore loser, i have made fun of this fact several times because he really is like a child who has had his ice cream taken from him. However i think his ‘jokes’ went a bit too far this time.

He hasn’t had a good weekend. He got a penalty for cutting the chicane and demoted to 9th in qualifying, i’m surprised he didn’t complain about the track not being straight enough, then he tried to take himself through the inside of the slowest corner of the track alongside Massa, and ended up colliding. Massa then seemed to throw his toys out the box and get all out of shape and drag himself along the wall.

He had it coming! He was a naughty boy and he deserves every penalty he gets. In his frustrations he then blames the team for calling him in and just not being ready…

Martin Brundel hits it perfectly;

“With Lewis, it’s always someone else’s fault”

But today he seems to be afflicted by the stewards so much that he has to be arrogant enough to say “i dunno, maybe it’s cuz i’m black“. Horrendous things to  say – he did say “that’s what Ali-G says” but does that really allow him to say things like that? Granted this thing has probably been blown right out of the water, but he should be aware that he is a hero to alot of people.

Tact Lewis. We get you’re mad, but maybe you should have just downed a few Tequila shots like the rest of us, instead of slyly suggesting the FIA are racist…

Today: Procrastination

20 May

I’m quite weird when it comes to revising, I have to have noise, something mindless going on in the background. I have the following quite picky criteria for me to revise, it has been built up over the last 7 years of revision i have had to do:

  1. There has to be noise. I can’t work in the library
  2. Having 15 series of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis is a key mindless activity
  3. music makes me daydream
  4. There has to be a nearby source of coffee/tea/squash
  5. facebook needs to be loaded all the time. It’s just something that needs to be done
  6. Same for twitter
  7. light work before lunch
  8. intense work between lunch and tea
  9. light work after tea
  10. i don’t care how many pens i have in my drawer, if i haven’t finished all the ink in one i will use it till it dies. OKAY
  11. I have to make a to-do list
Odd really, people have the strangest ways to revise, i mean i have particular orders in which i revise subjects as well. I only try and do one subject a day otherwise my brain won’t work very well, but since i have 3 exams next week i kind of need to break the rule!
Right, time for lunch, then i will destroy Stellar Physics 2003 paper… yeah boy…
O and watch FP2 🙂