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Today: Five Years Time

7 Jun

Last week i finished my degree.

Barring any unfortunate fails, i will be graduating in July! Can’t wait. Not just to graduate i guess, but to start the next part of my life.

Five years ago it was June 2006. I was Returning to school after the shambles that was my As-Levels, with out one thought of leaving the small suburbs of Woodley. I was 6 weeks away from the summer holidays, and we were all being told to think about what we would write for our personal statements, how to sell ourselves to what degree we wanted to do. I had decided to do physics and astronomy – just like my physics teacher.

I had no idea what i would be writing so I just started with the simple question of “Why i want to go to university”, and went from there. Who knew that 5 years since then I would be finishing my physics degree, probably gaining a 2:2 honours degree, from a prestigious Russel Group University – Cardiff University – and yet I still don’t know what to do after i graduate!

I know I want to enter Formula one, I want to be involved in Research and Development, and I want to be an innovator. Unfortunately to get into Formula One it’s more of a who you know, then what you know. So I will be sending alot of e-mails out asking for work experience around the time of Silverstone, or over winter -testing…. hmmmm the choices!!!

So what do i want to be doing in 5 years time? Let’s make a handy list. (easy reading for ya there!)

  1. Not living in my parents house
  2. Married
  3. Have a career
  4. Go to Monaco GP
  5. Have a permenant paddock pass as i’ll be working for a F1 team. . . .
  6. Not miss a single F1 race for an entire season
  7. Go to New York
  8. Go to Paris
  9. Hawaii! gotta go to Hawaii…
  10. Pay off my student loan… (~£25 k….)

Nothing too extreme there… Considering 5 years ago i told my head of sixth form i wanted to go to cardiff and study physics, I got told:

I wouldn’t aim too high Harriet. Why don’t you do Geography? That’s your highest grade”

Screw you. I’m getting an honours degree. From Cardiff University. I can acheive anything!

Though I am aware that only a lottery win will allow me to pay off my student loan in 5 years!!!