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Today: An Unexpected Proposal

17 Jul

I’ve posted a post before about my boyfriend Charlie Styman, being pretty perfect I was quite keen to keep him all to myself. So when my friends said they were planning a holiday to Tenerife for our ‘post-degree-need-to-drink-till-passed-out’ holiday, they said he could come along, so we did!

We played house in our little apartment which overlooked Los Christianos bay, and partied and sunbathed till we forgot what day it was.

Excluding the day I had sunstroke we had planned to spend most of the time as group (there were 7 of us who went), except then for one day when Charlie and I couldn’t afford the boat trip, so we played crazy golf and wondered up and down the shore-line.

On a pebbly beach we were walking along he turned me around to face him, got down on one knee, said that nobody had made him happier, and asked me to marry him

I turned to a 9 year old girl all shy with a massive grin on my face, and said Yes as quickly as i could. Not only because I wanted too, but because he was kneeling on pebbles, and his head was slowly shifting into my boobs….

So we are now on a path to getting married! We’ll ignore the family reactions as they were mixed, but we are really excited to start planning, saving, and doing everything we can together.

Forever is a long time, so I have plenty of time to mold  love him.

Can’t wait! 🙂