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Today: Week One

30 Aug

… Ok so not quite week one of anything.

It is infact for me week 2! I have been back on the dieting/calorie counting/exercise band wagon for 9 days now. Doing alright!

It involves writing down everything i eat, counting the calories up, walking the dog everyday if I can, and running. EVERYDAY.

I started with this little half-mile route, been doing it everyday and my times are improving! It’s just a shame that my ankles and up the inside of my lower legs tend to hate me (a diagnosis would be awesome).

Since graduating i have pretty much been on the laziest to-do list ever. It involved visiting my fiancee, waking up, eating and sleeping. Now however things are different.

I have applied for about 100 jobs in total. 98% came to nothing. One I have an interview i am actually looking forward too and one i never heard anything back from :/

I make my bed and tidy my room every day.

I write down all I eat and try and drink water not coke/fanta/tea/coffee (except for a cuppa in the morning!)

Pretty much I am trying to lose as much weight as i can, being as healthy as i can. I haven’t had crisps for about 6 days, and the only chocolate bar i have had was eaten over 2 days! I feel progress πŸ™‚

Now i’ve just gotta work on staying motivated, Now that my Charlie isn’t here to make me go I have to go out on my own accord!!! Which is hard!

I currently weigh 180lbs. I’m only weighing my self every 4 weeks otherwise I think i’ll lose faith! So here’s hoping for a loss! (I’m aiming for 150)