Today: Dear Jean-Louise

18 Sep

Dear Jean-Louise,

It’s been a while i know, and i can only apologise for what has been only a stalking and fleeting glance at your facebook page whenever you post something new. I would like to say thank you for this, as your Harry Potter status’s and the comments that follow do put a grand smile on my face, a rare sight these days.

I believe I should start with what I have done since shall we say January? I turned the old age of 22, managed to secure myself a man of grand standing (and younger age!) for life. The ring is gorgeous and as of August 2013 I will no longer be associated with the name ‘Parfitt‘ – on paper of course. You are of course invited (with an additional person of your choice) to the celebration, we’re planning an open bar!

I have graduated, averaging a suitable 55.5%, a 2:2 honors degree. I read Physics and Astronomy and my o my do I have no idea what to do with the rest of my life! The hunt for employment is long and hard over this side of the Atlantic, So hard I have had to start receiving job-seeking benefits to the sum of ~ £50 per week, a sum to tie me over and keep me occupied, however not one to provide for oneself! So I have moved back into my parents dwelling till such time as I can provide for myself, also, so that I may live with my toy-boy, who still has one remaining year left of his studying before he begins the pursuit of teaching.

I believe that brings us all upto date on the major events that have happened. I miss the Americas, I hope to come and visit again when the F1 turns up in Texas, or perhaps when I decide to actually visit LA.  No matter where I go however, you can rest assured that I will come and visit you for at least a couple of days.

Kind Love,

Miss H. Parfitt


One Response to “Today: Dear Jean-Louise”

  1. Jeyna Grace 18/09/2011 at 16:37 #

    i so need a boy friend. Lol.

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