Today: Progress Halted.

21 Sep

You may remember a couple of weeks ago i stated I was starting a new diet and exercise regime?

Well It has been 3 weeks since then, I had managed to build up my running from half a mile every day to managing to run the mile!

However due to some fault that not even the doctor knows what it is, i started suffering from harsh breathing problems. I had to be put on steroids for 5 days (6 tablets a day..) Which fixed the problem temporarily. I managed to build myself back up to run the mile once, before i started withdrawing from the steroids which made me throw up every hour or so, leaving me dehydrated. I started suffering the same breathing problems again the next day so I had to go back to the Doc to sort it out. Thankfully i took my mum who had written down every symptom i had had. After almost fainting in the chair whilst the Dr was listening to my breathing, he thinks there is an infection on the right side of my chest.

Current prognosis is Infection induced Asthma, I am on 500mg tablets of Clarithromycin (twice a day) and 5mg of Prednisolone (6 times a day). Along with my 10mg of Citalopram (Panic Disorder), 10mg of Cetrizine (hayfever) and the good old contraceptive pill means im pretty much taking a pharmacy of drugs a day. O and the Ibuprofen for the headache caused by dehydration.

I’m so annoyed at all of this because I had managed to lose 5lbs in the space of a week, (nothing shifted for 3 weeks then suddenly it all went) and I was feeling better about myself having managed to run through my ankle pains to make the mile. Now I can hardly walk up and down the stairs without being so out of breath I have to sit down.

Apparently my blood pressure is the definition of perfect, my O2 SATS are at 97% and my pulse is 58bpm. So I’m healthy in every other sense of the word, I just can’t breathe normally.

My plan now is to walk the dog 0.75miles for 2 days, then try running half a mile and walking dog for 2 days, then run 0.75 miles and walk the dog for 2 days, then try the mile and walking dog for 2 days before upping my distance again (as that’s when the steroids should have done their work). The antibiotics are for 7 long dreary alcohol-free days, (It says it in the leaflet I can’t drink… DOH!) then I have a follow up appointment on Monday at 11am.

Hopefully someone will know what’s wrong with me.

And for the record I’m not pregnant/with child/spawning the devil. I’m just frustratingly Ill.



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