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Today: The Graduate Graveyard

18 Nov


I’m currently working in a place that has affectionately been named the ‘graduate graveyard’ – a call centre to all you unkowns. Nothing sends hope through my spine than the knowledge that a physics degree – an honours one at that, has ultimately left me with the same job prospects as my counterparts who left school at 16. Freakin’ brilliant.

It seems that the poor teaching and support i received from my head of sixth-form (that was Maths. and Mrs Neilson) whilst doing my A-levels, which led me to adding an extra year to my degree and an extra £6500 to my debt, the degree that should have led me pretty much directly into a high paying fully respected graduate position, pretty much regardless of degree classification, hasn’t happened, but is still being promised by every highly attention seeking ball-bag out there.

O BUT WAIT. It seems that the economic climate is so bad that it means the £28k i’ve invested on getting a promised future for myself means that i have to fill a ‘less-skilled’ void. I’m not speaking badly of any of my collegues, but my qualifications should really put me in a higher stead. However because I ONLY came out with a ‘good’ degree and not  a magical 3 million published paper PhD student, and i only have 220 UCAS points and not the desired 300… Sorry I didnt get wonderful A-levels, but I proved myself by getting a degree? Doesn’t that count for anything? (Name and Shame: MI5 EDF AVANTI most companies in the financial and engineering district…) I’m not even considered in the maybe pile. Tossers.

I don’t know who to blame here. The government? Myself? The idiotic twats who caused the recession and hence my unfortunate employment prospects? The fact is i’m now stuck, I mean it would help if i really knew what i wanted to do, I know I like the outreach stuff, but I never really liked the condescending and patronising nature of some of the companies I know. I would set my own company up, but I don’t know how I would get around the problems! Or what I would do… tutoring? mentoring? Encouraging more people to get into science? I suppose look where it got me! Not very inspirational is it.

I just don’t know what to do! May be a PGCE will bulk out my qualifications and help me with my research for an outreach company? Who knows. Perhaps i could just go into teaching altogether?

ARGH I just don’t know!!!