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Today: Joining the Gym

28 Dec

Day three on the diet roadtrip…. [imagine that said in a slow northern accent like on the Big Brother house…]

I have had NO bread for 3 days, it’s actually pretty hard to cut it out completely… but i’m managing it 🙂

So far I have saved 2416 calories — which is the total of 2000 – my daily amount — and today I signed up to the gym 🙂 Now I get bored mega easy, So I just spend 10 mins on everything, which means I now hurt. But no pain no gain right!

And to add to my epic protein/lack/craving of bread diet, I went and had EXTRA HOT chicken at Nando’s. That’s right bitches…

So now just gotta see if it pays off at the end of week weigh in. But OMGOSH I have never wanted garlic bread and cheese more badly in my LIFE.


Today: Week one Tomorrow

25 Dec

So here we are about to venture into week one. I have weighted myself and I am at a weight of 174lbs, with a BMI of 28.1 – classed as the far end of the overweight spectrum.

Week one will comprise of me stressing about Christmas, going shopping at the boxing day sales and getting back in the flow of recording everything I eat, before returning to Cheltenham on the 28th to sign up to my local gym and start the massive exercise regime (thank you to my good friend Stephen who has written one previously for me… I’ll be using it again!) which I will post up in the exercise section later in the week.

Not really sure how I feel about this, i’m well up for it, I have just eaten a mahooooosive feast today as it’s Christmas so I feel like i’m going to be full for the next few days!

Plenty of meat now in the house so the first thing i’m cutting out is BREAD. I love bread so this is going to be SUPER hard. Pasta, crisps, high fatty foods and drinks (so no pizza, cider, beer, mocha’s from COSTA 😦 ) all completely cut out for the next month. Then easing them back in, but in MUCH smaller portions, who knows, I may even find an alternative to one of them that is healthier AND better for you…. But when I say you, I obviously mean me.

So wish me luck! I think I may go downstairs and sample some of the xmas biscuits before all this starts tomorrow. You’ll hear from me soon 🙂

Please visit the pages under the Sponsored Diet pages. There is this first blog, the link to my just giving page, and the first post in the weight tracker.

You can also sponsor me by texting “DIET59 £1” to 70070, it’s only £1 and it’s for a great cause!

Today: 7 Days and Counting

18 Dec

It is now 7 days to go before my sponsored diet starts.

I have taken it upon myself these past couple of weeks to  make sure I enjoy every single item of food that I’m gonna have to cut out.

I’ve decided to have monthly treats. Just to make sure I’m doing well, and to try and cut down on all the rubbish I tend to eat. The list will include: Curry, Domino’s, TGI Fridays, Nandos, pasty’s, biscuits, chocolate…bread….

basically it’s going to be an interesting few months. Cutting bread out is going to be the worst thing! I love toast and rolls and pasta stuff! ARGH! But it will be good for me, and hopefully I will hit my target for funds, and I will get healthy, and back to the size I want to be.

I’m also getting married in 18 months so I want to look my best for that, nobody will say anything bad about how I look on the day, but I want to feel amazing as well, and at the moment I feel like a mess, guilty everytime I seem to eat something! (Something bad that is), So I will be joining a gym, going there after work, getting my scales, and reporting on my progress, and hopefully earning some money for the British Heart Foundation in the process.

People have asked me WHY I am doing this, I got the inspiration from a magazine article that I read a while back, and i figured this would give me the motivation to get back into shape. I don’t want to be stick thin, I want to be healthy and happy in myself, and by the end of the report I should be.

I also have to admit my starting weight, which I am heavily embaressed about. I hate it. And reporting on my progress week on week will be motivating and helpful to others. I’ll be blogging every step of the way. With pictures, graphs, all teh good bits and ALL the bad bits.

Just follow the “Sponsored Diet” link on my page here to follow my progress from Dec 26th!

Today: The Tongue of Truth

12 Dec

I have recently been off work for a couple of days.

My tongue and jaw started to hurt whilst at work, I started talking with a harsh lisp which meant I had to rest my tongue inbetween calls and was then taking much less calls during the day.

It just seemed to get worse, I thought my day off would sort it, but it went from flaring up when I talk to being constantly tenses at the back of my mouth, my jaw was aching so much from where it was just constantly tensed that I got sent home from work because the customers couldn’t understand me.

That sucks. I mean, I enjoy my work, the people who call up are nice, the people I work with are lovely, I just wish it was more challenging. (O – and better paid. But who doesn’t want that?) So I really felt I was letting the team down having to have 2 days off work to just rest my tongue. It’s not like i’m self prescribing here, I went to GP in the morning, the A&E in the evening, because it just didn’t go down and got worse!

I think it’s getting better, the rest has certainly helped. I’m just not sure how it will cope with work…. Guess i’ll find out tomorrow!

Today: LDR

6 Dec

LDR is short for ‘Long Distance Relationship’

If you are in one you know how frustrating, sad, happy, painful, loving and challenging the whole situation is, I certainly do.

I have come up with a few things to help myself survive it though. It’s only a short time we are going to be apart, so i kow it will be worth it 🙂

  1. Talk everyday. Even if it’s just for 5 mins. Even hearing their voice can put a spring in your step.
  2. Be flexible. If you have a day off and it’s acheivable, go see them. I spent less than 24 hours with my Charlie last weekend and it has set me up for the next couple of weeks.
  3. Get Skype. Seeing is believing.
  4. Take it in turns hanging up……
  5. If you think of them during the day, tell them about it.
  6. Be sad. You’re allowed to miss them.

I’m doing it. I’m having a miserable day today. Missing calls and messages. My skype time tonight will make me smile, even if this call centre job has made all my face muscles hurt.

Ever wanted to just be a better Fiancee? I don’t know what I can do anymore 😦 I can only be around when i’m not working,  I’m trying to save and get out of debt so that we can move into a place to live. I visit when I can, we talk everyday….

I want to be able to do more. This feels like nobodies fault but mine.

Today: End of Season

1 Dec

Another end to an epic season that has left me wanting the 2012 season to start NOW!!!

Far from me expecting a closely fought field next year, I’m looking forward to the new (old) additions to the F1 grid, De La Rosa makes yet another comeback, I think he now ties with Heidfield as the most pointless driver on the grid, and the Iceman himself, who after failing to make an impact on the Rally circuit, has decided to come back to F1 to try and have a couple more bottles of MUMMS finest.

This year we saw the introduction of DRS, and the re-intro of KERS. Which led to more overtaking moves and more things to break down and not work on Mark Webbers car. Which it duley did.

Massa did make an impact this year, many people say he didn’t really except for his squabble with Lewis Hamilton, however he did, he showed that there was a worse team-mate out there than my favourite man Mark Webber, who only twice outdid his team-mate, but still managed to at least finish on the podium. Which Massa didn’t acheive this season at all.

The squabble that happened between poor ickle Massa and ‘bad-boy’ Hamilton was quite amusing. They were all pretty much racing incidents which could have all blown over after the first coming together if they had just manned up and laughed about it. But that’s water under the bridge now. Apparently….

Button and Hamilton seem to be too perfect to be team-mates. Or at least think they are, Hamilton has been knocked off his perch by a man who is actually humble and honest when he talks, and not just trying to be.

The Newbies have all made big impacts too. Whether it be by actual driving skill or just by sheer financial help. Maldonado being the former, no real talent there. Just a pocket of cash, an ugly face and a superlicence. Perez and DiResta did well this year and should both be keeping their seats whereas it seems that Maurissa Virgin have decided to let D’Ambrosio go.

I won’t even go into HRT, I’m not even sure what they are called anymore…

My final thing to say will be about beloved Reubens Barrichello. Shame he didn’t leave with a proper send off. I doubt he will be back as there is just so much young talent with a bit more finance than he, buut definately not as much personality! ❤