Today: End of Season

1 Dec

Another end to an epic season that has left me wanting the 2012 season to start NOW!!!

Far from me expecting a closely fought field next year, I’m looking forward to the new (old) additions to the F1 grid, De La Rosa makes yet another comeback, I think he now ties with Heidfield as the most pointless driver on the grid, and the Iceman himself, who after failing to make an impact on the Rally circuit, has decided to come back to F1 to try and have a couple more bottles of MUMMS finest.

This year we saw the introduction of DRS, and the re-intro of KERS. Which led to more overtaking moves and more things to break down and not work on Mark Webbers car. Which it duley did.

Massa did make an impact this year, many people say he didn’t really except for his squabble with Lewis Hamilton, however he did, he showed that there was a worse team-mate out there than my favourite man Mark Webber, who only twice outdid his team-mate, but still managed to at least finish on the podium. Which Massa didn’t acheive this season at all.

The squabble that happened between poor ickle Massa and ‘bad-boy’ Hamilton was quite amusing. They were all pretty much racing incidents which could have all blown over after the first coming together if they had just manned up and laughed about it. But that’s water under the bridge now. Apparently….

Button and Hamilton seem to be too perfect to be team-mates. Or at least think they are, Hamilton has been knocked off his perch by a man who is actually humble and honest when he talks, and not just trying to be.

The Newbies have all made big impacts too. Whether it be by actual driving skill or just by sheer financial help. Maldonado being the former, no real talent there. Just a pocket of cash, an ugly face and a superlicence. Perez and DiResta did well this year and should both be keeping their seats whereas it seems that Maurissa Virgin have decided to let D’Ambrosio go.

I won’t even go into HRT, I’m not even sure what they are called anymore…

My final thing to say will be about beloved Reubens Barrichello. Shame he didn’t leave with a proper send off. I doubt he will be back as there is just so much young talent with a bit more finance than he, buut definately not as much personality! ❤


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