Today: The Tongue of Truth

12 Dec

I have recently been off work for a couple of days.

My tongue and jaw started to hurt whilst at work, I started talking with a harsh lisp which meant I had to rest my tongue inbetween calls and was then taking much less calls during the day.

It just seemed to get worse, I thought my day off would sort it, but it went from flaring up when I talk to being constantly tenses at the back of my mouth, my jaw was aching so much from where it was just constantly tensed that I got sent home from work because the customers couldn’t understand me.

That sucks. I mean, I enjoy my work, the people who call up are nice, the people I work with are lovely, I just wish it was more challenging. (O – and better paid. But who doesn’t want that?) So I really felt I was letting the team down having to have 2 days off work to just rest my tongue. It’s not like i’m self prescribing here, I went to GP in the morning, the A&E in the evening, because it just didn’t go down and got worse!

I think it’s getting better, the rest has certainly helped. I’m just not sure how it will cope with work…. Guess i’ll find out tomorrow!


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