Today: 7 Days and Counting

18 Dec

It is now 7 days to go before my sponsored diet starts.

I have taken it upon myself these past couple of weeks to  make sure I enjoy every single item of food that I’m gonna have to cut out.

I’ve decided to have monthly treats. Just to make sure I’m doing well, and to try and cut down on all the rubbish I tend to eat. The list will include: Curry, Domino’s, TGI Fridays, Nandos, pasty’s, biscuits, chocolate…bread….

basically it’s going to be an interesting few months. Cutting bread out is going to be the worst thing! I love toast and rolls and pasta stuff! ARGH! But it will be good for me, and hopefully I will hit my target for funds, and I will get healthy, and back to the size I want to be.

I’m also getting married in 18 months so I want to look my best for that, nobody will say anything bad about how I look on the day, but I want to feel amazing as well, and at the moment I feel like a mess, guilty everytime I seem to eat something! (Something bad that is), So I will be joining a gym, going there after work, getting my scales, and reporting on my progress, and hopefully earning some money for the British Heart Foundation in the process.

People have asked me WHY I am doing this, I got the inspiration from a magazine article that I read a while back, and i figured this would give me the motivation to get back into shape. I don’t want to be stick thin, I want to be healthy and happy in myself, and by the end of the report I should be.

I also have to admit my starting weight, which I am heavily embaressed about. I hate it. And reporting on my progress week on week will be motivating and helpful to others. I’ll be blogging every step of the way. With pictures, graphs, all teh good bits and ALL the bad bits.

Just follow the “Sponsored Diet” link on my page here to follow my progress from Dec 26th!

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