Today: Week one Tomorrow

25 Dec

So here we are about to venture into week one. I have weighted myself and I am at a weight of 174lbs, with a BMI of 28.1 – classed as the far end of the overweight spectrum.

Week one will comprise of me stressing about Christmas, going shopping at the boxing day sales and getting back in the flow of recording everything I eat, before returning to Cheltenham on the 28th to sign up to my local gym and start the massive exercise regime (thank you to my good friend Stephen who has written one previously for me… I’ll be using it again!) which I will post up in the exercise section later in the week.

Not really sure how I feel about this, i’m well up for it, I have just eaten a mahooooosive feast today as it’s Christmas so I feel like i’m going to be full for the next few days!

Plenty of meat now in the house so the first thing i’m cutting out is BREAD. I love bread so this is going to be SUPER hard. Pasta, crisps, high fatty foods and drinks (so no pizza, cider, beer, mocha’s from COSTA 😦 ) all completely cut out for the next month. Then easing them back in, but in MUCH smaller portions, who knows, I may even find an alternative to one of them that is healthier AND better for you…. But when I say you, I obviously mean me.

So wish me luck! I think I may go downstairs and sample some of the xmas biscuits before all this starts tomorrow. You’ll hear from me soon 🙂

Please visit the pages under the Sponsored Diet pages. There is this first blog, the link to my just giving page, and the first post in the weight tracker.

You can also sponsor me by texting “DIET59 £1” to 70070, it’s only £1 and it’s for a great cause!

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