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Today: The Ache.

31 Jan
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I had a first weight session yesterday and the first part of my running training. So my arms and the backs of my thighs feel like someone has shortened my muscles by a good 3cm.

I think I did quite well (before my phone broke – strop and stormed off in very much a 16 year old type of manner… I’m 22) I went on every maching, starting at level 6 on the machines, as they don’t seem to have the weights there and then I did 15-20 reps at each level all the way down to level 1, then another 15 reps at level 6 again for good measure.

I did some situps too for the first time in ages. I counted to 20 before doing the horrible side ones and then sarted feeling teh burn so I stopped! Whimpy I know but I was hurting 😦 . I’m gonna try that health and fitness routine tonight I think. Get my other half to push me more so that it actually has an effect!

I said I started my running training too, I set the treadmill up for a 30min work out, set my walk speed at 5kmph, and my running at 9.5kmph and did 5 min walk followed by a 1 min run. The thing that blew my mind? Taking bigger steps stopped my ankles hurting. Propper striding out that is, so I would have to go at a pretty fast pace, but this 7 week thing should get me running 2 miles comfortably by the end of it, then I can start running outside the gym, as by then it should be light when I get home from my new job!

I saved over 900 calories yesterday, and I had extra protein by going to nandos. ❤ Nandos.

My next gym day is Wednesday, I’ll do my weights again, won’t start counting the situps till the burn kicks in and do my second stage in the running.

THEN hopefully my weigh in at the end of the week will be nicer to me. 🙂

But I am proud to say that my size 16 jeans now literally fall off me. Think of the comedy weight loss photo, I can do that!

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Today: The End of Week Five

29 Jan
Strength Training

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AANNNNDDDDD I’ve not had a gain, or a loss again. It’s another Plateaued week which means I feel a bit rubbish really.

I normally weigh myself as soon as i’ve been to the loo the first time in the day. I would never remember to do it first thing in the morning so I figured me being desperate for a wee would remind me! The 165lbs that I have stayed at is not a bad target. I’m still above my predicted rate of loss, and my Fiance says I look smaller, and I must admit that I feel like it.

I’ve decided to now take my measurements once a month, to see if the sizes have actually gone down, I remember a few weeks ago taking my hip and waist measurements to calculate my rough body fat level, (waist/hips) of 0.74, I calculated it here, and then the actual percentage of 50% body fat. Apparently the ‘average percentage of USA women’ is 32%. I’m slightly confused by this but it’s something else to measure I guess.

I do have quite wide hips however, and I have just eaten lots of horrifically bad-for-you food, so i’m feeling the size of a beached whale. So I don’t think that I can pay much attention to it. O WELL. we will just have to see.

I’ve decided to try a new plan for the next few weeks, lots more strength training and a new running routine. I’ve found a running training thing online, which i’m incorporating with the plan my friend made for me – interval training– to get me to be able to run for 2miles without a rest, to then go on and train and make it to 5k. oooOOOOOoooooo…. go me?

The strength training will just involve the machines until I can lift no more, then move to the next one. I’ll do sit ups and squats too. I found some ideas in my Health and Fitness magazine which I will give a good crack at. I’m just going to be good at pushing myself, go to the gym 3-4 times a week instead of just twice, and I will try and push through my pain barriers, which is terribly difficult! Especially as my ankles decide to conk out if I run too hard – even with posh running shoes on.

My graphs will be up today as well, and If you like my progress, fancy sharing? OR sponsoring me here 🙂

Today: Halfway through week 4.

27 Jan

I’ve hit the plateau, no gain and no loss this week, so I’m pretty hummed. Managed to complete a 500 calorie cardio workout last week, and did over 400 on thursday and Friday.

Everything seemed to go to the wind this Tuesday gone, car broke down and all I wanted to do was eat everything. Thankfully I just ate some quavers to quench my hysterical crying at the write off that was my car…

Good thing this week? Bought a corsa, saw my mum, didn’t have to pay for my mot and had a curry.

Graphs to follow soon. 🙂

Today: End of Week Three

15 Jan

and here it is:

Previous end of Week Two weight: 168lbs (after realising that 12st dead is 168 and NOT 170)

End of Week Three weight: 165lbs (OR 75kgs for all you metrics out there)

I felt pretty disheartened this morning when I weighed myself, because it said I was in the same place I was before. – if not more. However when i then weighed myself on a hard surface (type of surface I usually weigh myself on) because my scales are crap and need stability, I found I had lost 3lbs!

Relief in my eyes, i didn’t want to report to my regular followers –  Miss Jennifer Walker – writer of “The Year of the Detox” being one of them, who is trying the old age saying of 8 glasses of water a day, a difficult thing to do by what I have read! Personally, myself and coffee have far to great a dependence relationship to be parted… though I am trying to cut down at work!

Had a pretty active week, burnt over 400 calories at the gym both times I went this week, and as there are no snack vans around where my new job is, I am just stuck with my lunch that I make the night before, usually wraps with lots of salad and either ham or cheese. The sainsbury’s “Be Good to Yourself” wraps are only 130 calories each and are pretty filling if you add mushrooms and peppers. I’ve also had a diet coke too just to add a bit of varience to my day, and then variations of fibre bars, and peanuts.

Thinking about adding fruit into it, possibly bananas, not apples. Apples are a bit sweet for me at the moment! as it seems I have cut out anything and everything sweet.

Everything has been pretty similar this week, I’m loving the routine of the new job, 9-5 <3. only issue is what feels like the mission to and from work. hour there and an hour back along a road which is just notorious for arseholes. So i’m always super stressed when I get home in the evening, the only way I found that will calm me down and not make me want to punch anything that moves is the gym. The glorious and loud and punishing gym. the 2 times I went last week I felt like a god, totally exhausted but so much better after I had taken out all the punishment on myself and not say stressful tweets of facebook messages… nope… So i’m looking forward to going to the gym 3 times next week!

in total I saved just over 4000 calories this week, I aim to do the same next week and the week after just to try and track my progress. I’m so proud that I have stuck to this and I hope you recognise it too! If so, please share this, or sponsor me – as all of this is for my personal well-being and for the British Heart Foundation! – by clicking here.


Today: End of Week Two

8 Jan

And the stats are in for the second week. I wasn’t expecting a loss this week, its my girl week… So I feel like the size of an elephant and have all the energy that would be contained in a decafe coffee.

But to my surprise I did! Last week I was 172lbs and this week I am 170lbs. Which is awesome !!!!

I have only been to the gym once

this week due to the pain my ovaries are putting me through, so this loss is purely attributed to me eating well. I like saying its due to the celery and dip. Massive win on my part!

This means that next week when I start going to the gym more often I will lose more! Not immediately though. I know it takes it sweet time to actually have any effect on my body, but I should start getting fitter 🙂

The graphs will be updated later, as I’m currently blogging from my phone (Ooo get new technology) so yeah 🙂 go me!!!!!

Today: Good Work Me.

5 Jan

I had an UBER productive day today.

  1. Had 4 hours sleep because my body refused to shut down
  2. Good interview, good tests, hopefully made a very good impression will find out more by Friday 13th
  3. watched the 6th Harry Potter film
  4. Played on the Sims 3.
  5. Gymmed it for over an hour, burnt 80 calories on the walk to and from the gym, and 400 at the gym. A new record for me!


Here’s hoping my hard work pays off at weigh in at the end of the week! saved OVER 1000 calories today. That includes me having a cornetto for my sins.

I have decided to set my self rewards every time I manage something new, reading some health magazines (which i’m never buying again as I don’t seem to have 27 hours a week free to exercise) they say that having goals and rewards can be a massive motivator.

So here are a few I think I will aim for, and the rewards i’m considering!

  • 10,000 calories burnt purely at the gym and I get a treat like an entire box of vienesse chocolate biscuits.
  • Run continuously for 15 mins at 7.7km/h and I get  to buy a new film
  • Burn 200 calories per machine in one session and I get junk food.

On top of that I still have my monthly treats, and as long as i’m still losing i’m determined to carry on and just keep trying!

At the gym I managed to burn 480 calories, and I didn’t spend more than 10 minutes of intense exercise on each machine. I just go for a mid-high range level, set it for 10 mins and then go for it. Then I do the cool down and aim for a round number of calories to hit!

3 cardio machines took me to 330 calories, then I spent half an hour on the weight machines for some strength and toning stuff which took me to 400. The 80 is just from me walking to and from the gym! If I can walk there I will, but when I end up going after work I will just drive straight there from work.

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Today: Week One Ends

1 Jan

So the end of week one has come.

My previous weight was 174lbs

My Current weight is now 172lbs

Which means that in Week one I have made a LOSS of 2lbs!!!!

This week was always going to be a tester, My fiance was back from university and we were spending as much time together as possible, so i admit I havent been the best I can be, But he has been helping. We went to Nando’s which is actually VERY good for you, we shared an EXTRA HOT (That’s right, we are hard) meal platter, which is a whole chicken between both of us, and 2 sides, now normally I get garlic bread, but, I decided to get a corn on the cob. My meal there was a total of 456 calories.  Pretty good considering restaurants are notorious for bathing their food in fat and rubbish, (Frankie and Bennies being one of the worst places i have ever been too).

That was Wednesday, by that point I had saved in total 2416 calories, been to the gym once, and was mentally preparing for the massive hangover I would have on new years day.

Friday was a ‘naughty’ day as well, we headed to Pizza Hut, where their calorie cut meal is really good. I had a chicken Pizzarette for 460 calories, eating a total of 481 calories   and it was filling. The free salad to start is a really good way of just nibbling and snacking.

NYE was horrific, had to have a cavary for my other half’s birthday, then well it was NYE. Not gonna lie, i’m still hanging now and it’s 8pm on new years day.

Also had a full english brekkie and another very unhealthy pizza. total calories for the day: 1786… not too shabby. Overall I have saved calories, lost weight, and come to the conclusion that I am NEVER drinking again.

I have found some alternatives to my regular indulgences, They will be on my sponsored diet “the food” page.

Good start to the diet then! I am in Cardiff till Wednesday, and I will be good all this week with my food, and will get back to the gym on Thursday.