Today: Good Work Me.

5 Jan

I had an UBER productive day today.

  1. Had 4 hours sleep because my body refused to shut down
  2. Good interview, good tests, hopefully made a very good impression will find out more by Friday 13th
  3. watched the 6th Harry Potter film
  4. Played on the Sims 3.
  5. Gymmed it for over an hour, burnt 80 calories on the walk to and from the gym, and 400 at the gym. A new record for me!


Here’s hoping my hard work pays off at weigh in at the end of the week! saved OVER 1000 calories today. That includes me having a cornetto for my sins.

I have decided to set my self rewards every time I manage something new, reading some health magazines (which i’m never buying again as I don’t seem to have 27 hours a week free to exercise) they say that having goals and rewards can be a massive motivator.

So here are a few I think I will aim for, and the rewards i’m considering!

  • 10,000 calories burnt purely at the gym and I get a treat like an entire box of vienesse chocolate biscuits.
  • Run continuously for 15 mins at 7.7km/h and I get  to buy a new film
  • Burn 200 calories per machine in one session and I get junk food.

On top of that I still have my monthly treats, and as long as i’m still losing i’m determined to carry on and just keep trying!

At the gym I managed to burn 480 calories, and I didn’t spend more than 10 minutes of intense exercise on each machine. I just go for a mid-high range level, set it for 10 mins and then go for it. Then I do the cool down and aim for a round number of calories to hit!

3 cardio machines took me to 330 calories, then I spent half an hour on the weight machines for some strength and toning stuff which took me to 400. The 80 is just from me walking to and from the gym! If I can walk there I will, but when I end up going after work I will just drive straight there from work.

Impressed by my actions? go to  and sponsor me, OR you can text “DIET59 £1” to 70070. It’s all in aid of the BHF!


2 Responses to “Today: Good Work Me.”

  1. Jeyna Grace 06/01/2012 at 03:45 #

    That is an interesting reward system… 🙂


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