Today: End of Week Two

8 Jan

And the stats are in for the second week. I wasn’t expecting a loss this week, its my girl week… So I feel like the size of an elephant and have all the energy that would be contained in a decafe coffee.

But to my surprise I did! Last week I was 172lbs and this week I am 170lbs. Which is awesome !!!!

I have only been to the gym once

this week due to the pain my ovaries are putting me through, so this loss is purely attributed to me eating well. I like saying its due to the celery and dip. Massive win on my part!

This means that next week when I start going to the gym more often I will lose more! Not immediately though. I know it takes it sweet time to actually have any effect on my body, but I should start getting fitter šŸ™‚

The graphs will be updated later, as I’m currently blogging from my phone (Ooo get new technology) so yeah šŸ™‚ go me!!!!!


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