Today: The End of Week Five

29 Jan

Strength Training

Image by Rtist MrB via Flickr

AANNNNDDDDD I’ve not had a gain, or a loss again. It’s another Plateaued week which means I feel a bit rubbish really.

I normally weigh myself as soon as i’ve been to the loo the first time in the day. I would never remember to do it first thing in the morning so I figured me being desperate for a wee would remind me! The 165lbs that I have stayed at is not a bad target. I’m still above my predicted rate of loss, and my Fiance says I look smaller, and I must admit that I feel like it.

I’ve decided to now take my measurements once a month, to see if the sizes have actually gone down, I remember a few weeks ago taking my hip and waist measurements to calculate my rough body fat level, (waist/hips) of 0.74, I calculated it here, and then the actual percentage of 50% body fat. Apparently the ‘average percentage of USA women’ is 32%. I’m slightly confused by this but it’s something else to measure I guess.

I do have quite wide hips however, and I have just eaten lots of horrifically bad-for-you food, so i’m feeling the size of a beached whale. So I don’t think that I can pay much attention to it. O WELL. we will just have to see.

I’ve decided to try a new plan for the next few weeks, lots more strength training and a new running routine. I’ve found a running training thing online, which i’m incorporating with the plan my friend made for me – interval training– to get me to be able to run for 2miles without a rest, to then go on and train and make it to 5k. oooOOOOOoooooo…. go me?

The strength training will just involve the machines until I can lift no more, then move to the next one. I’ll do sit ups and squats too. I found some ideas in my Health and Fitness magazine which I will give a good crack at. I’m just going to be good at pushing myself, go to the gym 3-4 times a week instead of just twice, and I will try and push through my pain barriers, which is terribly difficult! Especially as my ankles decide to conk out if I run too hard – even with posh running shoes on.

My graphs will be up today as well, and If you like my progress, fancy sharing? OR sponsoring me here 🙂


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