Today: Tweeting Twerps

7 Mar

Sir Isaac Newton

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We all know there are idiots out there trolling, making silly comments etc. But there really are some narrow minded people around!

Today I responded to someone who’s twitter account is @godslandgodslaw.

Before I continue i just want to say that I have no problem with people who are religious. No matter what religion, I just hope that everyone is tolerable of everyone elses beliefs, infact before I go on AGAIN I know religious people who are scientists, who research – in their eyes – controversial ideas, to either prove/disprove or explain what they are seeing. Whether it be intelligent design or not.

Back to this person. If anyone has had a glance at this persons twitter feed you will gather that he is very conservative. To a point where I feel offended by most of what he says, I wouldn’t be so offended if he even considered others opinions, and then argued his point using evidence or his beliefs.

He doesn’t take anybodies opinion into account. The tweet that I responded to said:

 @GodsLandGodsLaw: The Atheists couldn’t answer any of my questions so they just resorted to insulting me! TYPICAL! #iwin #tcot”

So just for you Keith, I will respond to some of your tweets. I will even try and be reasonable to your narrow-minded beliefs.

Question 1:  “Hey Atheists answer me THIS one – If we evolved from monkeys how come not all of us are black? #tcot #gop #teaparty #p2 #gaytheists”

Answer: Keith, although it is common consensus that we evolved from ‘monkeys’ We actually evolved from Ape-like creatures. However if we did evolve from monkeys as you say, how come not all of us are black? Next time yuo go to the zoo, have a look at the skin colour of a monkey, that’s the flat stuff covering his body UNDER the BLACK fur, you’ll find it is light in colour. Infact I would have a look on Wikipedia or somewhere like that, as i’m sure they have a variety of skin colour as well, depending on where they live.

Question 2: “If we’ve been around for billions of years, how is our population only 6 billion? 3 new people are born every second! LOL”

Answer: Keith, I understand how you may be confused here, if you think that over the past one billion years. And there are 3 people born every second. If we think that the population has always been a constant size, and dies at the same age, we can also assume that after 50 years, 3 people will DIE every 3 seconds as well as get born. The fact is that medicine has greatly improved in this vast timescale, (one billion, Keith, is  a 1 with 9 zeros after it, that’s 3 with 16 zeros after it seconds), and in early times, more babies died than lived. So there was a small stable population. Then it grew as medicine increased its effectiveness, and the populations stabalized when contraception was brought about. [Science friends, I am aware this is a massive generalisation, but I am aiming at a wide audience].

Question 3: “@Wytchfinder_Gen The earth is 6000 years old. You should check out recorded human history for the facts not atheist propagandists! LOL”

Answer: Keith, due to the laws of gravitation, which were derived by Sir Isaac Newton, who was a great scholar of theology as well as science, and the rules of Kepler have predicted a much older age for the Earth to form than 6000 years….. For a load of stones to make our Solar System, it would take more like millions – billions of years. But I agree, Human history is only recorded to a few thousand years….

Question 4:Abusive marriages wouldn’t happen if sluts weren’t so eager to get a quickie marriage. Every1 must realize Marriage is for life.”

Answer: Marriage is for life I agree, but if anyone (a woman or a man) has to endure abuse of either a physical mental or sexual nature, then it isn’t a sanctity worth respecting.

I think that’s enough for now, But Keith if you have any more questions for us ‘liberals’ then I’m around to ask.

I believe in free speech, free opinion, freedom to believe, freedom to love. I have people that may disagree with me but respect my opinion. I hope everyone who reads this agrees that there are limits to everyone’s tolerance… This guy is mine.


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