Today: The weeks go by..

25 Mar


It has been an epic while since I have blogged, So i’ve decided to do a big blog to cover a few things. They are:

  1. The Sponsored diet

  2. My new job

  3. Plans for the next few months

  4. Recent activities

1. The Sponsored diet.

I had a massive relapse, I gained 5 lbs and I was embarrassed to report it, so I didn’t. So i’m swallowing my pride and I’m saying it. I’ve had a gain. I relapsed back to 11stone and 10 lbs, instead of 11 stone 5 lbs.

That is what I was when I last weighed in (a week ago) and I have been going to the gym alot and been lowering my calorie intake slowly, meaning I don’t need a very big lunch, even if I go to the gym after work!

I also tried a spin-class, which is torture on a bike, I thought I was doing ok, till I pretty much fell into another biker at the end of the session… bad times…

I got new running shoes! They have the Nike plus in them so running should be easier to track! I have only managed to use them once since getting them on Wednesday (It’s now Sunday) but I could tell they would stop me getting shin splits and that I would run properly instead of rolling my ankles inwards. My ankles hurt in a different place now, but it’s more of them getting used to the new position than shoving my metatarsals into my shin bone

So thank you everyone who has sponsored me. I have not stopped, my new shoes have given me the drive to carry on, and the fact that I am smaller size now (I can get into a size 10 jersey dress! – but really i’m a 12-14 thanks to my bum) means I am more motivated than ever!

2. My New Job

I analyse data about data, and manage how that data is produced and shown… and It’s even for a company people have heard of! I’m pretty chuffed and if they keep me after my 3 month probation I’ll be in my first ever Permanent position! Which isn’t just a win… it’s an #epicwin.

3. Plans for the next few months

Charlie and I are getting a flat!!! We’re going to be looking at them when he is on Easter break, and we’ll have a deposit down and one picked by the end hopefully!! Then we get to plough forward with the wedding plans, savings, his PGCE and me improving more at work.

I’ve got a week long holiday coming up in Woolercomb in August to look forward to as well. Can’t wait 🙂

4. Recent activities

I’ve had rough times to be honest, I fell off the diet bandwagon (not majorly, but enough to see a difference), and i’ve had to start counting down the days till Charlie and I move into a flat to give me something short term to look forward to.

I’ve also had good times come from rough times, I had some bad false comments made about me this week, but it bought out the good in people, standing up for me backing me up and making me feel like I’m respected in some way. Which is fantastic! The comments can never be removed, but the respect will also always be there – so a big thanks from me here.

I’m off to see Michael Mcintyre on Monday, and shopping for my ball dress (next friday) during the day, which means i’m with Charlie for a couple of days longer! Then it’s Easter break… and the flat hunting!!

I promise I will have more blogs to read over the coming weeks. If you want more then follow me on twitter! @harriparf.

(I also promise there will be some F1 stuff again on here soon… Mark Webber [om nom nom] is doing well! WOOP WOOP!)


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