Today F1 in Bahrain

11 Apr

The question just seems to be should they go? It’s a rubbish situation to be in because financially and contractually yes, but then in a media dominated world, no.

I’m not professing to know everything, nor have the correct view point on this situation, but unlike to think I have more insite than some. You see my dad has been living in Bahrain for half a year, and in his usual sense has a strong opinion on the whole issue. Not just motor racing.

He says that although there are flaws in the way the police handle the protests, It’s not wholly different to the mistakes our police made during the student and London riots last year, granted the death rate was significantly less, but the equipment available was to.

They get the right to protest. And the police let them as long as they stay their roundabout and not block the main routes through the island, much like sticking to a planned protest route. There is also a statue of a boat on this roundabout, which has been untouched even through there has been tire burning on a regular basis. There is a resturaunt on one of the roads there, and my dad has seen it.

All those human rights people out there have seemed to throw their toys outta the box by saying they have no right to anything. Well without going into politics about suni and shia Muslims, (I know my spelling is bad… I’m on my phone!) At least they can protest, unlike in Saudi, where you will just be shot.

The protestors have said they won’t actively interfere with the race, just make their voices heard. The police cannot guarentee safety because like in all protests there are the idiots who go just to be idiots. Bernie ecclestone has met with who he needs to and says that he sees no reason not to go. Which is true, because apart from public opinion, there isn’t really anything to be worried about.

Unless public opinion is something to be highly concerned about. And if that’s the case, whose opinion is more public? And if human rights people say that the locals have no voice, then should we listen to the information coming out of Bahrain?

Who knows. I’m torn over wanting to watch an F1 race and the apparent risk to safety. I can’t just ignore what my dad has said because he was actually there. But then again all opinions should be taken with a pinch of salt.

But forgoodness sake just make a decision!


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