Today: Why won’t work’s willpower work

2 May

Nike+ iPod Modification Tutorial

Nike+ iPod Modification Tutorial (Photo credit: Mixmaster)

I have come to recently discover that having a bad day at work reflects on what happens at home. It’s all well and good “leaving work at the door” but it can be hard to let some things go.

We’ve recently hit a lull in work at work, which for me unfortunately means I have little to nothing to do, as I’ve yet to train up to do anything else.

I have a C# book now, and a C++ book to keep my thirst for knowledge up and running. But even today I was struggling to find any motivation (Motivation part 1) to even open the books.

I was awaiting confirmation of some work from another department (which took a week longer than they said) which finally got done at 2pm today, my motivation (Motivation part 2) to try was dead in the water.

I enjoy working hard, I enjoy doing my best, and when I can’t do that it’s like i’ve failed somehow.

So when the time ticked over to 4pm, I could leave. So I did. It was only when I left that i realised i had no motivation to got to the gym. I wanted to go home and eat crisps. LOTS. It’s only because people would see the blue bar on my Nike+ coach that I went for my run.

Far away from my goal of 33 mins for 3miles (just under 5km) I ran/walked it in 38mins 12seconds. Here is my Nike+ graph thingy..

3 miles

no points for seeing where i had to start walking.

I honestly feel like i’ve failed. And I think it stems from the lack of motivation I get from work. I get that I’m new but at some point I need to beable to find work for myself.

It’s a step in the right direction. I have another 8 or 9 3 mile runs to complete and hopefully I will get it down to the 33 mins. It also means my 2 mile time will improve as well… So I guess that’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

You all on twitter have helped alot, giving me advice and support, namely @kimifan @charliestyman and @_saki_chan! Thank you all so much.

Also… my friend @pooja_gohel signed up to twitter today. give her a follow, not sure if she has managed to turn e-mail notifications off yet so it would give me a good giggle at work to hear of the influx of followers

Next run is supposedly tomorrow, and is another 3 miler. However i have pretty intense arch pain in my right foot, so if that’s not good by tomorrow then the whole distance from mile 1 will be intervalled. Instead of running a full mile before intervalling.

Or if it hurts too much then I will walk. Then book an appointment with the doctor I think…. stupid Oversupination.


One Response to “Today: Why won’t work’s willpower work”

  1. L @ Trying Not to be Fat 02/05/2012 at 23:13 #

    Ha! Nice shoe macgyvering !!

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