Today: 11 More Sleeps

20 May

This is a countdown post, after 11 sleeps of not seeing my man Charlie, I will never have to have a sleep without him again. I really can’t wait. So what is going to happen in those 11 days? well…. here we go…

  • I will go to the gym 7 times
  • I will run 21 miles
  • I will go to work 9 times
  • I will travel to Reading once
  • I will try on wedding dresses
  • 78 laps will be completed on race day at Monaco
  • I will buy one more bus pass
  • I will post to tumblr
  • Twitter won’t know what hit it
  • I will moan that my feet hurt
  • I will cry at some TV show
  • 2 episodes of the Apprentice will air
  • I will do over 400 squats
  • I will have done over 500 sit ups
  • I will have been paid
  • Charlie will have sat his last 2 exams
  • My calorie consumption will be lower than the average bear
  • More than likely my weight will have remained stagnant
  • There will be a vast amount of Star Wars: The Old Republic played.
  • 4 more blog posts will have been uploaded.


Phew, what a list. I miss him. More than people probably know, It’s worse at the beginning of the week and does ‘get better’ ie, easier to deal with. These will be the most painfully slow days of my life. But the outcome is forever, I know it’s only 11 days, and I know he is only 100 miles away, but it’s still not next to me, so I can bury my head into him and snooze.

I will run it out. I WILL. I will run the full distances. Even it means pausing my workouts to stretch, I will do it. I am determined to be productive in this area in these 11 days.

11. Days. To. Go.


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