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Today: Day 3, Mental Care

15 Aug

I’m stark raving bonkers.


SO yesterday I did the body bum work out thing… it hurt and burned a bit! Felt pretty good though. I’m definitely taking those squats and lunges and adding it into a warm up routine!

Today, the hubby and I have been out for lunch with the family, so my day has been taken up socialising in the sunshine and eating lovely food with sweet company. Which means I don’t have much time to ‘do’ anything else.

Obviously I’m sat on my sofa playing some games and talking with friends and watching Saturday night television!! But I wanted to add a pin today that I could still do.

I’ve decided that today should be about mental wellbeing… Nothing drastic like Yoga in 16 awkward positions whilst breathing through your nose and humming, but something simple to get me away from it all!

So here it is:




I’m going to go make a cup of tea now.

I have a book about the perils of running a friend lent me that I really haven’t finished yet that I should really aim to. So tonight I’m going to make a dent in it.

10:30 pm will be my ‘up to bed’ time. I’ve got to make sure I step away, get into my PJs and put some chill music on and read for a bit. Even just one chapter! God I miss reading…

I know It’s silly to say, but I won’t read books that are in the middle of a film or TV series. It’s like I’ve got to stick to one medium?

I’m still reading Lord of the Rings… THAT’S a hard book to get through, very detailed and good, but its very hard to get into properly.

In fact… here’s a list of books:

  • Lord of the Rings – reading, hard to finish
  • Body Book – Cameron Diaz autobiography. Easy reading, could finish in an afternoon
  • The Hunger Games (Trilogy) – Need to wait for the films to finish, then I will be all over these!
  • Sense and Sensibility – TRYING to read this, but the style is strange for me!
  • Pride and Prejudice – Can’t wait to start on this!
  • Little House (all the stories!) – I have to read these again. 
  • Anne of Green Gables – same here, I have to read them again, to take the full story in as I just cant remember it properly
  • A Year of Losing the Dating Game – someone from school has written a book… I feel I should read it as it does sound hilarious!

Anyway… One day when I have a nice big bay window that I can sit in with the tv on and lots of pillows, I can read. Or in my big big garden.. A girl can dream?

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Today: A Pin a Day

13 Aug

O dear lord

So I have been neglecting this because reently I have become a little (alot) embaressed at any progress I made.

My Q2 Goal was to run a sub 35min 5km.

I smashed it :p Yeah I got a 33:33 at Buckingham Parkrun. It was Glorious!

Then we had waffles.

Im almost at the end of my Q3 goal, though, technically i guess i have until the end of September? Anyway, lose 10lbs.

It’s hard.

I’m trying to find one thing to focus on to improve, and I am really REALLY struggling.

So, I need a new plan for the remaining 6.5 weeks:

  1. I know I have a half marathon to run on September 27th, which is right at the end, so I can incorporate any training for that into this new plan.
  2.  I run my long runs on Sundays, my short runs on Tuesdays, and any ‘technical’ runs (sprints/tempo/hills) on Thursday. So my week kinda goes Tu – 2-3 miles, Th-         4-6 miles, Sun 6 +
  3. (At least I am now at a point where I’m not scared to just hop out and run 6 miles!)
  4. I love Pinterest. Far too much

So my new plan:

6.5 weeks = 6.5*7 = 45.5 days, So for ease, I’ll say 45 days.

I’ll pick 45 pins and i have to do one a day. It can be a workout, or some crafty thing, or weird breathing exercises… basically it has to be an activity.

Today, I’m running 4-6 miles (depending on how hard it is raining), then i have to do something… hmmmm

I’m searching across the ‘Everything’ Category:Everything


I guess I could do a beauty thing or a house cleaning thing?

Ah! Found a simple one, It’s a list of 10 things (last one is pray… i’ve cut it off as that’s not me)

atmosphereSo i could do this!

  • I would declutter the kitchen.
  • Put Music from my phone on
  • Light a scented candle (I still have one I think!)
  • Skip the brownies and make a milkshake
  • I have a beautiful Bouquette of flowers to arrange and find a place for
  • The Hubby’s gonna get a big grin from me!
  • I’ll be motivating myself by running… nothing is more encouraging than: “I’m running home now…”
  • Hugs are a rule whenever someone comes in the house. Snuggling and holding tight!
  • Ahhh Games… That will be played! And the Great Brittish Bakeoff from yesterday. Shouldn’t take more than an hour?
  • I’d shower after this and the run so i can play games and watch TV with a job done.

So that’s my idea. A pin a day and a blog a day… 45 days.

I best set the Commit reminder on my phone to pick a pin to do.

I’ve set a new board up: A Pin a Day, come follow if you like!

Till tomorrow!!


Today: The let down

6 Jul

I say let down, not because I have let people around me down, but I have let myself down. Or at least that’s what it feels like.

I have been sticking well to the eating part of my diet, cutting down and having things on moderation has meant that I’m used to not eating much now, and its only a week and a half in.

Exercise is another matter unfortunately. As soon as I get home from work its like I just need to stop. Which means I dont do anything but housework or maybe popping to the shops for dinner. Which makes me feel quite disappointed with myself, because I was doing so well with my running, and I’ve only been out once since we moved in and it was so demoralising that I just don’t want to go again.

I also miss science, I really miss being in an environment where I learn new things everyday, or when I put my knowledge into practice.

Charlie and I have been planning starting a new website, aimed at gcse revision that uses current news stories to relate to topics. I get really excited and motivated to do it when I’m at work, but then I get home and I just want to crash out!!!

The blog site is set up, its just not live and has no content as of yet. I need to motivate myself to do about an hour a day when I get home, of the website that is, then half an hour of exercise in the home. Maybe I should get a workout dvd, or a kinect for the xbox.

Thing is, It’s all well and good me saying this when I am at work, its carrying it on when I’m home. That’s also a reason I haven’t blogged on here much!! Maybe I should get a star chart or something…

Has anybody else suffered through this type of lacking motivation? It just seems the more goals I miss the less motivated I become.

Today: LDR

6 Dec

LDR is short for ‘Long Distance Relationship’

If you are in one you know how frustrating, sad, happy, painful, loving and challenging the whole situation is, I certainly do.

I have come up with a few things to help myself survive it though. It’s only a short time we are going to be apart, so i kow it will be worth it 🙂

  1. Talk everyday. Even if it’s just for 5 mins. Even hearing their voice can put a spring in your step.
  2. Be flexible. If you have a day off and it’s acheivable, go see them. I spent less than 24 hours with my Charlie last weekend and it has set me up for the next couple of weeks.
  3. Get Skype. Seeing is believing.
  4. Take it in turns hanging up……
  5. If you think of them during the day, tell them about it.
  6. Be sad. You’re allowed to miss them.

I’m doing it. I’m having a miserable day today. Missing calls and messages. My skype time tonight will make me smile, even if this call centre job has made all my face muscles hurt.

Ever wanted to just be a better Fiancee? I don’t know what I can do anymore 😦 I can only be around when i’m not working,  I’m trying to save and get out of debt so that we can move into a place to live. I visit when I can, we talk everyday….

I want to be able to do more. This feels like nobodies fault but mine.

Today: An Unexpected Proposal

17 Jul

I’ve posted a post before about my boyfriend Charlie Styman, being pretty perfect I was quite keen to keep him all to myself. So when my friends said they were planning a holiday to Tenerife for our ‘post-degree-need-to-drink-till-passed-out’ holiday, they said he could come along, so we did!

We played house in our little apartment which overlooked Los Christianos bay, and partied and sunbathed till we forgot what day it was.

Excluding the day I had sunstroke we had planned to spend most of the time as group (there were 7 of us who went), except then for one day when Charlie and I couldn’t afford the boat trip, so we played crazy golf and wondered up and down the shore-line.

On a pebbly beach we were walking along he turned me around to face him, got down on one knee, said that nobody had made him happier, and asked me to marry him

I turned to a 9 year old girl all shy with a massive grin on my face, and said Yes as quickly as i could. Not only because I wanted too, but because he was kneeling on pebbles, and his head was slowly shifting into my boobs….

So we are now on a path to getting married! We’ll ignore the family reactions as they were mixed, but we are really excited to start planning, saving, and doing everything we can together.

Forever is a long time, so I have plenty of time to mold  love him.

Can’t wait! 🙂

Today: A Summation and Prediction

29 Aug

This week i had to return back to my parents house on Wednesday, I was one of the few relatives in the country who could come back and make sure my Granny was ok and take her back and forth from the Hospital to see my Pops.

Thankfully he is now fast on the recovery track, just trying to get over a chest infection then he should be released within the next few days! Which means i’ll be returning back to Cardiff on Monday.

I am also the now designated “amazing big sister” for my little brother, who is at Reading Festival this weekend, he’s seems to be enjoying it, but, like most people there, was not impressed with Guns N Roses turning up an hour late to their set. I have also been sending him cricket updates, driving him back and forth to shower….

I think i have spent more time driving this weekend than anything else!!

Speaking of Driving, Today is RACE DAY!!! F1 is finally back and the grit himself Mark Webber grabbed pole in what is now the most confusing grid ever!

Alonso is down in 10th… and well the top 10 have pretty much remaind the same since qualifying, however everybody else has incurred penalties galore!  Engine and gearbox changes, 10 place grid drop for the 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher, and then just random penalties for people impeding each other, overtaking in a yellow flag, and causing general comotion. I would start talking about who is where, but there are about 4 versions of where people are…. so i won’t put too much comment on!!

Big congratulations to Heikki Kovalinen and Timo Glock for making it to Q2, HK now in 13th and TG has been dropped to 20th… I think.

My predictions for the race?

  • Alonso will have a really really good drive, but miss out on the Podium, Behind Massa
  • Button will again be ignored by the BBC
  • Red Bull will have the 1-2
  • Petrov will drive so well he will finish in the top 10
  • Michael Schumacher won’t.
  • Reubens Barichello may – hopefully – end up on the podium through sheer luck
  • Hamilton won’t make it to lap 10
  • It will rain on half the track
  • Somebody will run out of tyres
  • “Spa has it’s own Microclimate” will be said on numerous occasions
  • Martin Whitmarsh will comment on how Red Bulls car is illegal. Again.

Well I’m just going to make a large cup of tea and grab my work, and settle down for one of the most unpredictable races of the season!!!

Today: A Day of Paper Aeroplanes

24 Aug

Well Monday was a typical start of the working week type day. People were picking up on stuff they had yet to finish from the week before and reluctantly trudging round trying to finish it before firs tea break. This if course meant i was chasing up and tidying up all the electrical waste and what was left from the inventory.

Last week we had managed to reduce the inventory (items over £7k) from 184 items down to just 24 items, all in 4 days, and we were left with the few difficult items left to find. NOW remember from one of my previous blogs we had reduced the inventory pretty well and that the items had less than useful item descriptions. WELL a couple of these things i happily got to write on “On a Satellite – Planck out in space” To be honest we should have noticed the big capital letters saying ‘PLANCK’ and taken that as a hint. ANYWAY, the few remaining items were about 4 inches long, had no label on them, and we had no idea what they looked like. So you can imagine the fun and games we had in locating them. Thankfully we had a couple of slaves (academics) who could locate some of the trickier ones!!

Monday i also found out more about my Pop’s situation. He’s currently in hospital with some of his small intestine removed after a pretty nasty hernia. (sad sad times) So i will be making an unplanned return home to try and do my part in looking after my granny and take her shopping and make her tea and stuff :). And also act as taxi to my little brother for his Reading Festival adventures.

Today being Tuesday, i got to finish adding MORE THINGS TO THE ELECTRICAL WASTE LIST. Which as you can probably tell i was thrilled about! Whilst also intermittently updating the inventory from various people. Who kept sending me e-mails about what was found by the Academics and de-soldering some random motherboard to save some componants.

Morning Tea couldn’t have come at a better time!! Last night i went to my friends house where had a curry lots of wine and a gossip (I needed it!) So this morning i was feeling a little worse for wear, which was fixed at tea break by a nice big cuppa and a bacon and eg baguette 🙂 OM NOM NOM NOM!

Myself and a collegue then went around testing the lecture room technology after lunch and afternoon tea break, where we obviously were playing loud music to test the sound system, Music such as Genesis – I Can’t Dance…. LOUDLY. hehe. We were very popular on the third floor today! We also had an aeroplane competition, ie, we made papre aeroplanes and tried to see who could get their plane to the back of the lecture theatre. I won.