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Today: Day 2, Changes Already – A Pin a Day

14 Aug

So yesterday was alright.

I didn’t run as an entire cold front dumped itself on Milton Keynes, and, after a couple of weekends a go when I ran 10k in the pouring rain. It didn’t appeal to me.

This made me realise.. I’m not motivated to run.

At this moment in time I dread every training run. My “go out and see how things are” runs are ok, because i literally just go and see how it is. But training runs with distances and pacing… well they are turning me into a bit of a nervous wreck.

So I’m pulling out of my half marathon at the end of September.

I started running to challenge myself and i ended up enjoying it. Now if i’m not enjoying it I don’t want to do it or finish any distance i’m on, or anything that happens on a run completely phases me, and i’m ruined. Then I feel like a failure.

Why continue to train for something you aren’t looking forward too?

When I was training for Paris, I was really looking forward to it. Yes I was scared, Yes I was nervous, Yes I didn’t think I would make it, but I believed I could, and I enjoyed pushing myself. That’s just not there this time.

I’ll get it back I’m sure! But right now It can’t be on the table.

So, I guess that means I can throw myself in my next annual goal of losing 10lbs (Half the issue with the Half was that it wasn’t really on my ‘plan’.. ).


I really like this idea of “a pin a day” as well, something little to push me through the next few weeks.

My weight on my motivation board got to 186 pounds, which means to reach my goal i need to get to 176.

I just weighed in today and i’m back up to 191 pounds 😦

I can’t lose motivation again…

10lbs to go! That’s what I have to focus on… so I guess I have two goals, the realistic 191 – 181, and the ideal of getting it down to 176.

So lets hope my pin a day helps with it!

Today i’ve pinned the best butt workout. I’m gonna lay my mat out on my landing and have a good time of it 🙂

best butt

Yesterday I managed pretty much everything on my list, except the milkshake… but we ordered cookies so that’s still fun 🙂

Now today I’ve just gotta hope my knee doesnt die when I start this.

Talk Tomorrow!


Today: The Lasting Legacy

12 Aug

The end of the Olympics has arrived, have you been inspired? Do you now have a role model worthy of recognition?

I have already spoken out to say that I have been inspired to “Keep calm and carry on”, to keep up with my goal to run 5k in half an hour, to get healthy and fit.

This week has been a continuing progress, Charlie and I have stuck to our running routine, and I have hit 3 days this week where I have had less than 1500 calories in a day.

Next week is the final week before the holiday! Which means I will be away for the next weigh in, but I shall post on Friday evening, and weigh in then to still plot on my graph. Tomorrow is the third weigh in of this dieting attempt. Where there will be another graph to look at.

So as Chariots of fire plays on and on again (as it will be stuck in our heads for months to come) What’s your slow motion moment going to be? Mine will hopefully be me getting to 5km in less than 30 mins….. I hope you all share you slow motion moments as well!

And if further inspiration is needed Here is my inspirational pick,

Rascal Flatts – Stand

Today: The F1 Glamour

26 May

Boats, Girls, Legs up to the ears of the tallest of the drivers and some motor racing.

It must be the Monaco race!

Although the race is not without its controversies, Currently we have Pastor Maldonado with a 10 place grid drop for “loosing the car and accidentally driving into Sergio Perez” [ie, being a hot headed tit and driving like a moron] and we have Michael Schumacher, who after “Having Bruno Senna drive too slowly and cause a crash” [ie, not being aware of his surroundings, showing his age really] has a 5 place grid drop.

After taking pole initially for the race, this is a massive kick in the venires for the German, who up until this race, has had a piss poor return to the sport.

This promotes my personal favourite driver [he used to drive a green car, I was young ok?] Mark Webber to pole position. Great for my fantasy league as I have predicted him for the race win. Miracles do happen.

Felipe Massa has had a better time of it this weekend as well, making into the top 10 shootout of Q3 for the first time this season, is it enough to improve Ferrari’s no-tolerance approach to losing? Unlikely. However it does put the Brazilian’s confidence through the roof again, which has been lacking since his unfortunate accident in Hungary in 2009. I’ve personally missed it, he’s too much of a lovable cuddly bear to leave F1. He also took no shit from Lewis Hamilton, something which he will forever have my respect for.

There is something a fair bit odd about this year compared to last year. The top teams (McLaren, Ferrari and RedBull) haven’t dominated in the way that usually occurs, infact, it’s been so topsy turvey that nobody knows what’s going on, the Pirelli guys are just smiling and being smug in their chemistry labs!

McLaren seemed to have solved Jenson Buttons “lack of rear grip”, however that could just be because he was going so slowly compared to the rest, that he can’t tell whether he is going backwards or not -he starts 13th tomorrow. Lewis Hamilton had an all-round OK qualifying – he will start the race in 3rd tomorrow.

RedBull have had a tale of two halves again, however, unlike previous weeks where it has been Sebastian Vettel taking the limelight, it’s Mark Webber who will take the pole position grid slot, whilst Sebastian will start from 10th, after the team decided to save tyres.

Lotus, now here is a team who are improving, and are starting to light a fire under the top teams, they regularly do better than Ferrari, and are a clear leader of the mid-field teams… Meaning tomorrow’s race is going to be EPIC.

Today F1 in Bahrain

11 Apr

The question just seems to be should they go? It’s a rubbish situation to be in because financially and contractually yes, but then in a media dominated world, no.

I’m not professing to know everything, nor have the correct view point on this situation, but unlike to think I have more insite than some. You see my dad has been living in Bahrain for half a year, and in his usual sense has a strong opinion on the whole issue. Not just motor racing.

He says that although there are flaws in the way the police handle the protests, It’s not wholly different to the mistakes our police made during the student and London riots last year, granted the death rate was significantly less, but the equipment available was to.

They get the right to protest. And the police let them as long as they stay their roundabout and not block the main routes through the island, much like sticking to a planned protest route. There is also a statue of a boat on this roundabout, which has been untouched even through there has been tire burning on a regular basis. There is a resturaunt on one of the roads there, and my dad has seen it.

All those human rights people out there have seemed to throw their toys outta the box by saying they have no right to anything. Well without going into politics about suni and shia Muslims, (I know my spelling is bad… I’m on my phone!) At least they can protest, unlike in Saudi, where you will just be shot.

The protestors have said they won’t actively interfere with the race, just make their voices heard. The police cannot guarentee safety because like in all protests there are the idiots who go just to be idiots. Bernie ecclestone has met with who he needs to and says that he sees no reason not to go. Which is true, because apart from public opinion, there isn’t really anything to be worried about.

Unless public opinion is something to be highly concerned about. And if that’s the case, whose opinion is more public? And if human rights people say that the locals have no voice, then should we listen to the information coming out of Bahrain?

Who knows. I’m torn over wanting to watch an F1 race and the apparent risk to safety. I can’t just ignore what my dad has said because he was actually there. But then again all opinions should be taken with a pinch of salt.

But forgoodness sake just make a decision!

Today: Formula One returns.

28 Mar

This weekend saw the second race weekend of the 2012 calender and what a couple of races it has been! Australia was full if drama right up until the flag, and Malaysia produced a surprise result that caught the entireity of Italy offguard.

A bonus for me as a Mark Webber fan is that he out-qualified Sebastian Vettel twice, and finished in the points both races, unlike the young double world champion, which after a season full of not being on the same playing field as his team mate, is a massive relief and makes this season even more exciting for me!

However the drama was nothing compared to what Felipe Massa is going through now, its now a case of ‘will he won’t he’ be racing for the entirity of the season, after finishing outside the points whilst Fernando Alonso took a surprising victory with a car that ferrari has admitted isn’t the best, and Sergio Perez of the ferrari young driver program took a second place in what was an epic battle for the line. Till he took a trip round the curb to add a few more seconds to the gap he had closed. This was after he got told to ‘be careful’ by his engineer, but we aren’t pointing any fingers at the young ferrari prodigy who drives for sauber who have ferrari engines. Nope…

It all kicked off with Sebastian Vettel and Narain Karthykaen (whose name I have spelt wrong… Sorry I’m on my phone!) When seb.decided to show an unfamiliar finger to the ‘young’ Indian driver, they then seemed to exchange insults via the media for the world to see. I can’t even remember the petty incident they are stropping about but for sure (I could be a formula one driver now) will this not be an easy thing to shake. Vettel has been called a bully, Narain has been branded a cry baby and neither of those is a good name to have. Personally I don’t really care what they call each other. As ling as they respect each other on the road. Yes that means moving out the way for the lapping car, but also not moaning if the slower car is in a fight for position. They should just cuddle and say that it was all heat of the moment, which it was.

I’m excited for China, if the current track of results is anything to go by then, for sure (driver in the making right here) it will be an awewome race.

Today: A Summation and Prediction

29 Aug

This week i had to return back to my parents house on Wednesday, I was one of the few relatives in the country who could come back and make sure my Granny was ok and take her back and forth from the Hospital to see my Pops.

Thankfully he is now fast on the recovery track, just trying to get over a chest infection then he should be released within the next few days! Which means i’ll be returning back to Cardiff on Monday.

I am also the now designated “amazing big sister” for my little brother, who is at Reading Festival this weekend, he’s seems to be enjoying it, but, like most people there, was not impressed with Guns N Roses turning up an hour late to their set. I have also been sending him cricket updates, driving him back and forth to shower….

I think i have spent more time driving this weekend than anything else!!

Speaking of Driving, Today is RACE DAY!!! F1 is finally back and the grit himself Mark Webber grabbed pole in what is now the most confusing grid ever!

Alonso is down in 10th… and well the top 10 have pretty much remaind the same since qualifying, however everybody else has incurred penalties galore!  Engine and gearbox changes, 10 place grid drop for the 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher, and then just random penalties for people impeding each other, overtaking in a yellow flag, and causing general comotion. I would start talking about who is where, but there are about 4 versions of where people are…. so i won’t put too much comment on!!

Big congratulations to Heikki Kovalinen and Timo Glock for making it to Q2, HK now in 13th and TG has been dropped to 20th… I think.

My predictions for the race?

  • Alonso will have a really really good drive, but miss out on the Podium, Behind Massa
  • Button will again be ignored by the BBC
  • Red Bull will have the 1-2
  • Petrov will drive so well he will finish in the top 10
  • Michael Schumacher won’t.
  • Reubens Barichello may – hopefully – end up on the podium through sheer luck
  • Hamilton won’t make it to lap 10
  • It will rain on half the track
  • Somebody will run out of tyres
  • “Spa has it’s own Microclimate” will be said on numerous occasions
  • Martin Whitmarsh will comment on how Red Bulls car is illegal. Again.

Well I’m just going to make a large cup of tea and grab my work, and settle down for one of the most unpredictable races of the season!!!