Hockenheim GP 2010

So this was my second ever GP. My first one abroad, and my pre-flight weather check definately left me feeling terrified. There is nothing i hate more (that’s right, even more than Alonso winning a race) than camping in the rain!

After the Early morning wake up call (4.30… i got to my friends from cardiff at about 9 ish….. SHATTERED) we hit the plane, hit Germany, and experienced German public transport for the first and ONLY time in my life….. Next time i’m hiring a car before stupid Ferrari hire them all!!!!!

We eventually made it to Vettel camp, set up our tents in the pouring rain and set about trying to understand German… Or at least see if they understood English! Here is out masterful shelter….:

The shelter

We then headed too the track to get caught up in the atmosphere of a CRAZY entrance to a pitwalk. Having never been on  one before i was reliant on others to tell me that it WAS bonkers to let us through a grandstand to walk across the track into the pitlane…. never the less i was VERY excited 🙂

Well i think we all know what happened there…. http://www.redbullracing.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Article/I-hope-to-see-German-fans-true-colours-%E2%80%93-Vettel-021242875427830

Met this chap who was signing things. Haven’t a clue who he is but he seemed pretty nice!

Next the team started some practice pitstops, which was epically cool, and frightfully quick! I hope this doesn’t reflect on the team members performance in other areas :p

Thursday Evening we just kind of chilled out and collapsed in our tents, soaked through, but pretty excited for Practice the next day!!

Friday Practice sessions…. well, thanks to Vettel Camp we were all sitting so that we could see the entirity of sector 3! which meant we saw plenty of GP2 and GP3 cars go spinning off… Massa decided to entertain the crowds by spinning off at every corner in sector 3. 😀 As did Vettel at one point…..

Vettel off

Friday evening at our campsite we decided it would be a great idea to get trollied with some new German friends. Which we did…. very well! I even met one of the Red Bull promotion guys, who was GAWGUS. seriously if he had an aussie accent (or spoke better english….) i diverge…. Vettel came to visit also. Remember i was telling you about that randomer who signed my book? Yeah he’s pretty good i hear…. I made it onto the BBC coverage (~17 mins in :p) too :p

ANYWAY. Saturday morning feeling a little special, we headed to the Grandstand for what would turn out to be a pretty standard FP3 (Bugger Hamiltons car was fixed, and holy s#*t When did Ferrari get that fast!) and a pretty entertaining and nail biting Quali!! our boys did us proud against the newly updated Ferrari’s, Pole again for the rising star in F1 and a respectable 4th for our Aussiegrit!

Sunday… O SUNDAY! WHAT A RACE!!! i had so much fun! brilliant start by the ferrari’s, Good position holding by Vettel and he never gave up challenging Massa/Alonso! Webber coped brilliantly with his oil issues (my car is now having oil issues) And there was even a bit of controversy thrown in.

I was also recruited by the Redbullf1spy to sneak into the paddock for a quick tour and a couple of pics…..


A podium finish with both cars in the points. Brilliant weekend, Last GP of the year for me. Off to the World Series in September to show support for the up and coming stars.

For now, the current stars are the guys working in that garage! I have never experienced a sport/event/anything that pays such attention and dedication to their fans than RBR. I am so grateful for everything they have done and i hope others get to experience the same friendly nature that i did this weekend – even before i got to go in the Paddock.

Thanks RBR. Don’t stop caring or sharing! We’re with you all the way!


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