Iceland 2005

coming soon….

When i was 16 we as the 6th form got the chance to go on a ‘culture trip’ . In 2005 we went to Iceland. In October.

Cold does not even cut it, we were wearing so many layers on the coach transporting us around the island, that once we got outside we looked like the Michelin Men.

The expectations of Iceland previous to our arrival was all in the regions of:

  • Snow Everywhere
  • Igloo’s
  • SnowBall fights
  • jacuzzi’s
  • Pretty girls everywhere

In Reality, the following quote sums up what we thought:

“Wow… This place is Pretty Barren and Pointless”

“AND pointless? I’d stick with just Barren!”

In all honesty we were all thinking what we had got ourselves in for.

But the week turned into a success :)…. Pictures like the following occured!

Prat in front of a waterfall!

On a rock!

Middle of Nowhere!


But out of all the sillyness…. We were greeted with scenary like this:

The View

Which was just a short walk from one of our hotels. We also got to stay up late (ooo go us) and see the Northern lights, Words cannot describe the sheer beauty of it’s actions. The science of it yes, but not the beauty.

We visited an Iceburg Nursery which could have come straight from a National Geographic mag. It was watching life through HD. PERFECT.

The Blue Lagoon was the first stop on the trip – and the last thing i mention here – If i can suggest anywhere to go in Iceland it is the Blue Lagoon. It’s such an odd experience you just have to try it!

Infact, Iceland is such an odd experience you just have to try it!


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