Silverstone 2010

This weekend was the very first weekend i have ever been to a grand Prix.


We got their Thursday, set up camp, and had a little wonder about (i was going with a few GP veterans… so they knew all the ropes!).

First major thing i noticed… The drivers hotel was literally closer to our tent than the campsite toilets, bar, and the lake.

Silverstone is very literally just “over that hill just there”

And there isn’t alot to do in the evenings!!!

This was my sanity keeper. Cider and Black and my phone… from which constant facebook updates were sent from πŸ™‚

Standard  necessities for the evening entertainment

We then decided to try and meet some drivers, i felt SO much like a stalker but i was very excited. We waited outside the hotel, and met quite a few people! i’ll make a list at the end!

Friday came and we went shopping πŸ™‚ bought my Mark Webber hat

Webber hat

I was a very very happy person!!!

We sat opposite the podium for FP1, and i got to hear an F1 car for the first time. WOW. loud!!!!! i was just so amazed! i kept my muffs on after that! In FP2 we sat in the new Arena stand, and Saw Massa spin off :p and Petrov go wide, again i was just so shocked at the sheer ability these cars have at accelerating! And of course at the end of the day, RBR topped the timesheets with the McLarens struggling with their upgrades.

Next my stalker level increased as we decided to get inside the track and wait outside the paddock. I saw SO many drivers and team principles, Domenicali even played a joke on Vettel!!! The highlight of that day was me and my friend SPRINTING the length of the paddock to get Mark Webber to sign my book (those who know me must know how much i wanted this!), Bless him, he had just finished signing and said “no more guys ok” and i said, in my broken, panting, knees weak state “But…i’ve… just… sprinted…the…length…of….the…paddock….too…see…you….” and he signed with an impressed look on his face. My battery was dead by this time so i didn’t get aΒ  picture that time!

The end of the night came and the last driver out was Vettel, he came over too see my friends holding a banner, with Stefano Domenicali standing behind it shouting his name. He signed for everyone and took pictures with all of us, and signed Domenicali’s car with a smiliey face, as we had taken over the carpark and was blocking him in :p.

Best friday in a long time!

Saturday i was general admission, so we sat at the end of copse and again i was just shocked and impressed at how they throw these cars round the corners! Brilliant. And an RBR 1-2 at the end of Quali topped the cake!

That evening at the campsite, DC and Daniel Ricciardo came and did a Q&A session which pretty much compared the drivers nationalities and how they handle their cars,Β  with how they handle their women. VERY funny!!! (i would like too add that instant crush sensation happened when Ricciardo walked on stage. Not sure how that happened! :p ) I even got him on his knees….


I see this as a good thing. Next challenge: Meet him again.

Sunday was a brilliant day! Had to be at the track before 8am though 😦

Still i enjoyed all the support races. Seems i really am a racing fan at heart! i’m not just in it for the hotties that are the drivers…. :p

Webber victory, Alonso Penalty, and Vettel had an incredible drive. Couldn’t have had a more exciting race!!!!!!

After the race we headed into the track for the after party. We missed CH/SV/DC on stage as we needed food!!!!! But we took a look in the gap in the fence, saw one of the RBR guys, and got into the paddock. Revealing how would be a naughty thing. But was SO AMAZING!!!!!!

Met Mark Webber again, and yes i got a picture. And here it is!!!

Mark Webber

Om nom nom nom

Drivers i saw/met:


Others i met:

Christian Klein/Christian Horner/Adrian Newey/Ross Brawn/Nick Heidfeld/ Eric Boullier/Stefano Domenicali/Rob Smedley/John Button/Tony Fernandas/Johnathan Legard/Ted Kravitz/Eddie Jordan.

I am SO lucky i got to do this. Best experience ever!!

On a small side note, I think taking the wing from Webber was an ok idea…. yeah he can be annoyed, but at the time Vettel was doing better and had better times with the new wing.

Lesson for next time: Get more than one part each :p

That’s all from me people.

Hope you enjoy xxxx


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