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Today: What a Day

10 Jan

So today, not only have I gone to work and got quite a bit done, I have phonecalls with potential photographers!

We currently have two, but will have to look on price. We have a quote from our flowers provider which is alot less than what we were expecting!

I also got a quote on a potential wedding car as well. Though I need to call them up tomorrow about that….

My running plan to go 222 miles in a year is underway, week one of the plan and I am 2.5 miles up. It’s also week 2 of my diet, and i’m 2lbs down on week one weigh in πŸ™‚

So, the end result of the past couple of days is a positive one, and to brighten my day up more, the days are counting down till the first F1 test!


Today: What Natwest Nearly Did

27 Jun

So imagine this, you have a guarenteed first home with the live of your life, today is a Thursday and you are expected to be paid.

You have to pay Β£1350 in cash to guarentee the moving date and the flat, you already have the amount in your account before being paid, but the extra months pay is an extra security blanket.

Checking your account in the morning you haven’t yet been paid, odd, but you expect it to be there after midday, its not.

Mass Google sessions reveals a technical issue, and I am advised to go into the bank. Which when I have finished work at 4 I do.

I’m not worried about getting paid as much as getting this deposit. So imagine arriving at the bank to be told that you can only withdraw a maximum of Β£300.

My heart stopped, on phoning the estate agents I was greeted with a rather short in helpful person, who said that I couldn’t pay on card, it had to be cash. And that I couldn’t use a bankers draft because that isn’t a confirmation of funds ( I’m pissed off a lot at this point, this person is stupid) so we couldn’t get the keys it the flat if we didn’t have the money.

I was first in line at the bank Friday morning, expecting to have to put up a huge fight and probably cry at what I was expecting to be people who could do nothing for me.

And you know what? I was wrong. They were assessing people on individual circumstances, by this point my pay had gone through and I had an overdraft to cover me as well. So they agreed to give me the full cash value. They were helpful, pointed me to places to make a complaint if I wanted to, and said I could ask for compensation if I was put under any stress.

My online transfers are a bit messy still, but I can’t fault the service natwest employ. I’m now in my dream flat with my dream man and I am part of an extremely helpful bank.

I know everyone is having problems still, but its the first problem in 10 years… And they have admitted they cocked up. Which is more than others have done. Thank you natwest for being helpful.

> Cheltenham branches anyway!!

Today: Motivation

10 Mar

(Photo credit: brianjmatis)”]clothes [761]I went shopping.

Something girls (and very hungover boys) are very good at doing, I spent my hard earned money on new clothes for work, and a couple of dresses for the summer, or nights out. Whichever comes first.

The catch? the new clothes for work are my size now. My other clothes are the size below what I am. Infact the new jeans I bought are 2 sizes smaller….

I will do this. I will get smaller! I will get into those jeans, and the dresses. Totally worth the Β£85. Totally. πŸ™‚

Today: Procrastination

20 May

I’m quite weird when it comes to revising, I have to have noise, something mindless going on in the background. I have the following quite picky criteria for me to revise, it has been built up over the last 7 years of revision i have had to do:

  1. There has to be noise. I can’t work in the library
  2. Having 15 series of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis is a key mindless activity
  3. music makes me daydream
  4. There has to be a nearby source of coffee/tea/squash
  5. facebook needs to be loaded all the time. It’s just something that needs to be done
  6. Same for twitter
  7. light work before lunch
  8. intense work between lunch and tea
  9. light work after tea
  10. i don’t care how many pens i have in my drawer, if i haven’t finished all the ink in one i will use it till it dies. OKAY
  11. I have to make a to-do list
Odd really, people have the strangest ways to revise, i mean i have particular orders in which i revise subjects as well. I only try and do one subject a day otherwise my brain won’t work very well, but since i have 3 exams next week i kind of need to break the rule!
Right, time for lunch, then i will destroy Stellar Physics 2003 paper… yeah boy…
O and watch FP2 πŸ™‚