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Today: Out the Window.

13 May

No… not something literally out of the window. My food plan from a previous post did. It would have gone so well, but halfway through the week I got epically bored. And didn’t eat well AT ALL.

I also ended up going to Cardiff this weekend, which resulted in more bad eating 😦 Long story as to why I went to cardiff, the short version is me not being very good at Long distant relationships.

I’ve come up with a new approach to my diet. I’ve meal planned. every day. All except breakfast, which I will see how my milkshake goes on Monday before I decide what else to have for the rest of the week. 1800 calorie aim for each day, where one day a week I’m allowed to eat whatever I want. This is apparently good because when I come off the diet, I’ll be able to maintain the weight, otehrwise my body will hate the shock of more calories and I will get my tum back!

Since all my weight is between the bottom of my boobs and my knees, it looks like I have alot of cardio work to do!

It’s a nice running week this week, M/T/W/Th runs, then Fri off. I can’t run at the weekend because I just get freaked out running outside at the moment. I’m so conscious about road running! It’s ok when I go home to visit my parents because I run round a field. But in Cardiff it’s up and down a main road. With loose paving slabs… as my rolled ankle from the weekend will testify.

I haven’t discovered anywhere in Cheltenham yet, I could go exploring, but since my gym is on my route home, I just go there straight from work! Means I can do weights as well, I think when I get to running for 5 miles I will need to run outside. But that;s still quite a way off, as I get hit with cramp from about 1.5 miles in. I’m excited to make it to 2 miles non stop.

I’m also going to start up the sponsored diet thing again. I’ll start a new graph and I will keep you all updated. I’m determined to not only lose the final 15lbs, but raise the remaining £85 to get to my £100 target.

This is the start of the “I will be a size 10 bride” project. But that will be on my tumblr site more than here… (take a look! http://www.harriparf.tumblr.com)

Right. Off to bed. got a hefty Monday ahead of me! got a morning weigh in for the start of the new sponsored stretch!


Today: The food plan

6 May
The current Diet Coke logo was adopted in 2007

Staple for an interesting day drink

It’s really really hard to diet when you are depending on someone else buying the food for the week.

I’m not depending, I mean, It’s my other halfs Nan, who lets me live with her, for free, won’t let me contribute to the food shopping either. She will let me tell her what I would like, however due to refrigeration/freezer space (She likes to be prepared for say… a Nuclear attack) I don’t ask for anything more than salad things.

I would like to say now, I’m not complaining.

It just means that my diet will revolve around what hasn’t expired in the fridge/freezer, and after a couple of close calls with food poisoning and one actual case which knocked me for six, I’m very picky about what I eat.

So I’m writing this to be a plan for my food. depending on what is in the fridge.

So on Monday, I will still be in Cardiff:

Brekkie: Tea, Bacon x 3, 1 x Chiabatta roll, butter (1 serving) 390 calories

Lunch: Fajitas x 2 chicken. – 190 calories per serving. Contains 1xOnion 2xPeppers 500g chicken, fajita mix, salsa.

glass of coke 105 calories

Then I return to Cheltenham,

So for tea, I was thinking                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Can of diet coke, 3xfish fingers, 2x bread, 1 serving of butter. 399 calories.

Total for the day to then be: 1274 calories.

I’m planning on going to the gym tomorrow night so that I can do my run, I’ve missed my runs since thursday because I really messed my feet up. I couldnt even walk the next day so I decided it was for the best!

It’s another 3 mile day, So I will defo try to whack it out! gotta try and get it less than 38 mins this time.

The rest of the week will be very similar, owing to when I say what food I fancy that day, Nan will buy me a weeks supply…

Brekkie: Coffee, Sugarpuffs and milk – 170 calories [I have this every day, I’ve tried fruit but I just get hungry later on in the morning!]

Lunch: cous cous, 1/4 onion, celery, 1/2 can of tuna – 222 calories. I like it with the onion, It adds a nice kick to the flavour 🙂 [May sway cous cous for a half portion of pasta]

Snacks: Banana, special K bar – 158 calories. This may increase as I am going to the gym on Tu/Th/Fri

Dinner: Protein shake and bananna – 320 calories. Again, may go up as I may need a bit more to keep me going!

I’m in cheltenham at the weekend as well, which means I may have the protein shake for lunch on the saturday (It’s a roast at the in-laws on the sunday) Then something a bit more creative for dinner on saturday evening.

I also have found a magic special drink I use for running. I’ve read that cramping can be caused by lack of electrolytes including salt, So I make a strong Orange squash with just a pinch of salt in. It really works wonders, and I don’t get thirsty as much as to compared when I drink water on its own. which is a pretty massive win!!

I just hope this time when I run My right foot won’t lean inwards, or that I have to run with my left foot facing outward!! I’m compensating for something, but I can’t figure out why, I know I run pretty flat footed, and I’m conscious to make an effort to change that, but I’ve run before and I was fine, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going on.

My running days this week? Well as I’m not heading to Cardiff to allow my Charlie to prepare for exams, It’s M/Tu/Th/F/Sa. I may go to the gym on Wednesday anyway and do more toning and stretching exercises. Maybe look into strength and conditioning training, then Post what I decide to do here :p

I’ll keep you all updated anyhow. Just wanted to let you know I hadn’t just given up!!

Side note: I haven’t had a McDonalds in 130 days.

Today: A Day in the Life….

18 Feb

I have recently been filming a UCAS ‘Day in the Life’ video as a student here at Cardiff University….

Although I sound like a 12 year old girl and look hungover in pretty much all of the frames, the comedy music makes it sound like an awesome time!

There was so much more i could have said, but i guess i’ll have to wait for my Oscar performance another time!

The video is here on one of my Professors blog’s, and on you-tube so have fun watching!

Today: The Value of Teaching

3 Dec

It’s a known fact that people have their favourite teachers at school. The one that lets you sit next to your friends and talk during class, gives you chocolates at the end of term and lets you watch a film in the last lesson.

My favourite teacher at secondary school was my physics teacher Mr. Jon Clarke, I had him for almost all 7 years of that time i spent at that ‘school’, he was one of the few consistent things i really had, one of the main reasons i am now studying physics and Astronomy.

I found my old year book when i was at home for a brief time over the summer, and i for the life of me cannot remember what he wrote, but everytime i think of it, it makes me smile. It’s rare you get somebody who is in that position of authority (at secondary school that is), that truely influences you in such a positive way. People only seem to remember the bad teachers. and they aren’t really the ones who put us here today.

I got alot of stick from my teachers (as i’ve said in a previous blog) nobody thought i would get into cardiff uni, and upon receival of my results they took me to one side and asked if i had contacted my second choice. I hadn’t and i wasn’t going to. Cardiff was my destination and I was getting there! Mr Clarke knew I could otherwise he wouldn’t have helped me sit an A-level in 1 year.

Now at uni, in my final year, counting the days down till the christmas break, i started to wonder who really were the ‘good’ lecturers/teachers i had here. Teaching is a different style at university, and even then that style is different from one lecturer to the next.

There are the lecturers which just talk at you. They require no real participation except mindless copying and listening to explanations and examples.

There are the lecturers who talk down to you. These i dislike the most. I get that they are cleverer than we are, but seriously, if you talk to me like that i will end up not paying any attention and not turning up to the lectures.

There are the lecturers which teach. They don’t leave to much to the imagination, just keep you that much outof the loop that if you stop paying attention, you’ll really miss the point.

There are the lecturers who couldn’t really care. They could be the most powerful person in the world but if they can’t be bothered to prepare, then why should we?

Then there are the lecturers who discuss with you. They are still lecturing, but it’s more an open topic. You ask questions and although the answer could be right or (in my case) wrong, they will entice the class to discuss why, and you learn new ways of thinking and new ways of looking at things.


Which one do I like the most? Well. That’s hopefully quite obvious.

In my 4 years at Cardiff I have come across all of these. You have different tactics for dealing with each, the assesment sheets, the revision classes, the exams, each require a different plan of attack. So although I may not know too much about Physics or Astronomy (I hope i know more than the average bear), I definately know how to get around most issues that come about. At least… I hope that’s what Applications of Quantum Mechanics hopes to acheive… because i have no idea what he is on about…..

Today: It’s Bloody Freezing

17 Oct

Those who reside in the UK (mainly those who reside in Wales) are used to the cold/wet weather conditions that frequent our beloved island. However the recent warm ish spell has had us all surprised.

That is of course until about Tuesday just gone, I’m not sure about other people but it felt like i was going to shiver to death. Walking home from the foam party held at the student union on wednesday night was also…. rather chilly. I slept in ALOT of clothes.

These freezing conditions (when i say freezing i do tend to mean single figures above zero) however carry some advantages for the Astronomers among us. Cold temperatures and no wind tend to mean that the air is still enough NOT to distort the light as much as in warm windy conditions.  It’s meant that me and a friend manged to get my rather dusty 6″ reflector from my room to my back yard and have a looksie around the sky.

Being in the centre of Cardiff holds its usual problems of light pollution, However since i am surrounded by terraced houses, the bit where the light pollution holds most true is blocked out. Which means that the stars i do see look very impressive.

My friend and I managed to train my poor telescope in on Jupiter (this is quite hard when your view-finder isn’t linked up with the main tube). We saw the 4 Galileon Moons, and with the highest magnification my lens’ could manage, we could see the main bands. Very pretty stuff.

After staring and going “oo pretty” at Jupiter for about 15 mins, we decided to look for other things. Now as Astronomers in training, you would think we had a basic grasp of where things were in the sky, but since it took us 20 mins to find the North star (Casseiopia was being particuarly awkward and the Plough was behind my house), things weren’t looking up (no pun intended).

We receeded back to what we had a small idea of, books. We looked up the constellation Andromeda, which is next to Casseiopia and contains the Andromeda galaxy in the middle. My telescope SHOULD have been able to pick up the fuzzy blob and we were going to name it Andromeda, whether it was or not. But not having a lined up view-finder and tube made this thing difficult. It was also difficult because we totally got the orientation of the constellations wrong, and stars move – go figure – so we just pointed and hoped for the best.

Needless to say, our method didn’t quite work out. We found a diffuse cluster of stars, nothing on the scale we were looking for (a fuzzy blob), but thought it was cool. The hunt is still on for the Andromeda galaxy. I’m sure it’s still there. Somewhere….