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Today: The Booking

6 Oct

On Monday it will be exactly 10 months until I get married 🙂

After having a massive adreneline come down I have been a bit of a mess for a couple of days, but mainly because I get to now plan plan plan!! Guest list is pretty much done and we know what we want – including what cake! It’s now just a question of saving and paying and booking. EASY now that we have a venue!

Today I also joined the gym. And did a weigh in since I got my new scales from Argos.

Last weigh in was 81.3kg (yeah.. the nurse was shocked at this number as well because I don’t look like it) today I weighed in at 79.5kg 🙂 small steps! But now I have the gym membership, I can escape a few times a week and blast out my frustrations from work and everything. It also means I will start toning up quicker. Something I am sure everyone who is working out wants to see!!

So 10 months t0 go! Ideally 7 months to get in shape and I’m sure many more stressful blog posts to come!

I can’t wait 🙂


Today: The Start of Something

25 Jun

Today is a Monday, it is the evening, we have radio one on, Charlie is playing F1 2011 and I’m sat in my PJ’s with Orange squash and a whiteboard on the floor with a laptop on, well, my lap.

Today I am writing this because on the Friday which has just passed, Charlie and I got the keys to our very first flat. It’s top floor, 2 bedrooms – one being a box room, 2 bathrooms – one being a shower room and a large living/kitchen space.

This is THE start of a new beginning. I have a new notebook, a new park to run round and a new energy. I like it.

My aims I have for the coming weeks are not to different from what I have had previously, but I have Charlie with me to keep me on track, something I’m quite (I lie, exceedingly) chuffed about.

The aims for the next few weeks are as follows:

  1. Consume no more than 1800 calories a day
  2. Run 5km in less than 35 mins
  3. lose 10lbs
  4. Continue to not have sugar in my tea/coffee
  5. Touch my toes

Point 1 is going well, today I had less than 1500 and I’m quite stuffed!

Point 2 is erm getting there… I can do about 2.5km at the moment on the treadmill without stopping, but only running outside will help me understand just what my fitness is all about, and where it is at!

Point 3. My current weight is: 168lbs So I want to be 158lbs. Then will move on to smaller numbers to get down to my desired weight of 130lbs!

Point 4 I started last week, when I worked out I could save 200 calories a day if I just cut the sugar out my tea and coffee, I can instantly tell if someone puts sugar in it now!

Point 5 is to increase my flexibility, in the hope that it improves my recovery from any injuries I get from running.

I have new running socks and new running clothes, and I do feel better than when I started at Christmas,  however a loss of half a stone isn’t really fantastic! Not the result I am hoping for anyway

As soon as I lose these 10lbs I will allow myself to have a takeaway curry. That is my treat! It will probably take more than a month to do, but I’m determined to get there!!

I’m tempted to start my graphs up again, and When my running gets better, start up the sponsored diet again, except enter myself for a 5km or 10km race… But those adventures are still a little way off!

Wish me luck, heaven knows I need the motivation

Today: Joining the Gym

28 Dec

Day three on the diet roadtrip…. [imagine that said in a slow northern accent like on the Big Brother house…]

I have had NO bread for 3 days, it’s actually pretty hard to cut it out completely… but i’m managing it 🙂

So far I have saved 2416 calories — which is the total of 2000 – my daily amount — and today I signed up to the gym 🙂 Now I get bored mega easy, So I just spend 10 mins on everything, which means I now hurt. But no pain no gain right!

And to add to my epic protein/lack/craving of bread diet, I went and had EXTRA HOT chicken at Nando’s. That’s right bitches…

So now just gotta see if it pays off at the end of week weigh in. But OMGOSH I have never wanted garlic bread and cheese more badly in my LIFE.

Today: Week one Tomorrow

25 Dec

So here we are about to venture into week one. I have weighted myself and I am at a weight of 174lbs, with a BMI of 28.1 – classed as the far end of the overweight spectrum.

Week one will comprise of me stressing about Christmas, going shopping at the boxing day sales and getting back in the flow of recording everything I eat, before returning to Cheltenham on the 28th to sign up to my local gym and start the massive exercise regime (thank you to my good friend Stephen who has written one previously for me… I’ll be using it again!) which I will post up in the exercise section later in the week.

Not really sure how I feel about this, i’m well up for it, I have just eaten a mahooooosive feast today as it’s Christmas so I feel like i’m going to be full for the next few days!

Plenty of meat now in the house so the first thing i’m cutting out is BREAD. I love bread so this is going to be SUPER hard. Pasta, crisps, high fatty foods and drinks (so no pizza, cider, beer, mocha’s from COSTA 😦 ) all completely cut out for the next month. Then easing them back in, but in MUCH smaller portions, who knows, I may even find an alternative to one of them that is healthier AND better for you…. But when I say you, I obviously mean me.

So wish me luck! I think I may go downstairs and sample some of the xmas biscuits before all this starts tomorrow. You’ll hear from me soon 🙂

Please visit the pages under the Sponsored Diet pages. There is this first blog, the link to my just giving page, and the first post in the weight tracker.

You can also sponsor me by texting “DIET59 £1” to 70070, it’s only £1 and it’s for a great cause!

Today: Charlie

12 Feb

As per the request of the aforementioned ‘Charlie’, I am going to write (show off and brag) about the new toy-boy in my life. Conveniently named Charlie.

Where to start?

The beginning i think.

Why am i writing about this?

Well, since my blog is called ‘I did that’, he found the thought highly amusing to just put ‘Charlie’. shocking. It is also the far too commercialized day of love on Monday – Valentines day.  A good time to introduce this current sweet heart of mine.

The good stuff

Charlie decided to pop into my life after a rather unfortunate day at uni, I may have blogged on here (but i don’t really remember) about a comment i heard from my supervisor about me not being organised enough for my project, blah blah blah. In a step of desperation i decided to get so drunk i could forget that day ever happened. So me and my friend Nat decided that we would get very. very. drunk. No shame was to be felt as we would most certainly do something stupid that night.

After our spell at the pub we decided to run to Cardiff Student Union, a tradition which has led to numerous grazes and bruised feet over the past year, At the union we did continue in our quest for drunken bliss. Which i happily reached somewhere about the Jaegerbomb number 2 mark (after the vodka’s, the shots, the pints….. ow).

Next thing i remember?

Waking up…..

*insert generic roll over thinking ‘o balls’ remark*

Charlie is a good friend of Nat’s, so we both rang her to find out what happened – nobody really knows…..

Moving on we brushed the week aside till we got to the Sexy santa party that happened the next week. Which resulted in (a less drunk version) of the week before….

Being that it was near Christmas, i figured i could ignore this entire situation and everything would fizzle out by January and nobody would be worse for wear.

Boy i was wrong.

Follow up texts, drunken christmas eve phone calls, New years conversations and an irritating feeling that i actually wished to see this guy again led to an early return to Cardiff. Charlie did the same and we decided to meet up.

Have seen each other everyday since. 🙂

And considering i got sprung by his parents today (no warning there…. i looked a STATE) I’m still pretty attached i think!

I’m also sat next to 12 beautiful Yellow roses which got delivered on friday

12 of the most beautiful roses ever

(for Valentines day…. better early than late!) so i think i’ll keep this toyboy going for a while yet.


He seems like a keeper 🙂


Today: Christmas Cheer

26 Dec

It was an official white christmas for some locations in the UK today. Thankfully Reading wasn’t one of them. With everything tht had to be dealt with this christmas – a snowy one would really be pulling Santas rather large thigh.

My grandparents (dad’s side) came to visit us this christmas, and far from the usual family discussions (argumental debates) it has been a pleasent and fun time having them here. Yes we’ve had the typical “Harriet has gone off crying because (insert family name here) just couldn’t stop and think for 10 seconds” I got over it, and then carried on with a tradition that has been brewing the past 3/4 years where my Grandad and I never let our glasses empty…

This was just Christmas eve.

Staggering up the stairs and then trying to wrap christmas presents whilst in this erm… ‘state’ is a right laugh. Especially when your loving father doesn’t leave enough paper to wrap everything with… *eyeroll*

Morning comes and the delightful Waitrose bag that was used for stockings (i walked STRAIGHT past it the night before) contained some much needed neurofen a toothbrush and a meercat sylvanian family set… along with the standard socks and essential underwear.

Our stockings are odd. They consist of anything that we need in the month of December (shampoo, vaseline, chewing gum….) and have chocolate added to it. I also got a lovely pair of soft lazy trousers. LOVE THEM.

Traditionally my family have a full English brekkie. Which I cooked this year… I didn’t realise I had done it all till i realised that my mum had just focused on her Bubble and Squeak….. 🙂 WIN!

PRESENTS!!!! fun times. New straighteners, another Red Bull Jacket which will result in my mum having the other, and me having this one… At least she knows where the Bull Shop is 🙂 🙂

My grandparents (both sides) enjoyed their presents me and my brother got them and I felt I helped my mum out suitably today 🙂

I did make the starter. Prawn Cocktail. yum.

Exhaustion has hit me now though… 6 nights rubbish sleep tends to render you useless after  a while. I’ll watch the first few overs of the 4th Ashes test and then sleep i think.

Hope Everyone has had a lovely day, Bring on New Year!