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Today: Promising Progress

15 Jul

Today I checked up on my star chart expecting there to be like no progress since my initial 3 stars i had last week.

I was pleasantly surprised, even though I am the one putting the stars down, It was still nice to properly look at it and realise “yeah, I’ve done that in a week!”

My biggest achievement has been getting over my exercise starting phobia thingy. Ok it’s not really a phobia, but It is pretty hard to just get started when you haven’t done any for a while. I have managed to do the pilates DVD. Not the biggest achievement in the World, but since I have been ill (as well as Charlie too!) We haven’t really been able to do much.

Although I’ve been keeping the calories down from 2000, I haven’t hit the 1500 mark more than twice. 😦

Next week (ie, from tomorrow) Charlie and I will be starting this 5K training  which I am determined to do rain or shine. It is just a case of not getting settled when I get home from work, which is hard because that’s what you want to do when you get home from work isn’t it? Just chill out and relax. So I am going to have to get my running stuff ready on the sofa before I go to work, so I can just get changed, get Charlie and go! It’s a run for 1 min and walk for 2 mins. Then repeat 5 times. This is different to what I was doing before because it’s outside!!


Shocking isn’t it. I’ve been looking for 10k races in my local area (Gloucestershire/Cheltenham) but there aren’t any at the moment, I think that would give me real motivation to run and train. but I really have to be able to run for 30 mins before I can arguably say I can run. How do people keep their motivation up whilst they are running?! I mean I’ve heard of people saying they have a goal to run to, or they just don’t get bored, but I’m just so aware of everything around me and how fast I’m going, and how long I’ve been running for that I just can’t be arsed to go on. It’s a crappy reason but It’s just like I hit a wall, 9 mins in, that means I can’t go any further whether I want to or not.

Who knows. I’ll see what happens next week. I need Charlie in on this one, so I hope that he’s feeling better!


Today: A Girls Guide to the Ashes

28 Dec

The Ashes. The time of year when most blokes will claim to have man-flu, take time off work to recouperate and then come back after 5 days stating all they could do was stay in bed and “force themselves” to watch the only thing on tv.

This plan works wonders when they are playing in the Northern Hemisphere. However this time it was played in Oz. Which meant all you had to do was come into work very tired.

Girls, hopefully you have now linked that the Ashes is ENGLAND v AUSTRALIA.

Mainly for pride, but mostly for the ASHES.

The glorious ashes.

The Ashes are as literal as their name suggests. They are the burnt Bails (the two bits of wood on top of the 3 bits stood up) Burnt to commemorate the death of English Cricket after Australia beat England for the first time in 1882. Bit Dramatic don’t ya think?

Do not fret!

The Ashes are a series of 5 test matches. Each one lasting up to 5 days. One team  throws the ball at the other and tries to knock the wickets over, bowl it off their leg pad (if it’s in line with the wicket) or catch it in dramatic style.

Then the teams swap when everybody has suffered their fate.

The winning team is the one who gets the most runs without losing lots of wickets.


Good. Now ladies here is some of the England Team:


tight white trousers boys?


Currently England are doing very well to retain (and hopefully win back) these ashes. Ricky Ponting the Australian Captain is currently in teenager mode. ie, throwing a massive tantrum. He got fined 40% of his fee because he argued with the umpires.

So we poms are beating the leaders in Cricket. in Australia. In mencing style.

So girls. How about you call in sick? Trust me. They are still attractive with clothes on too…