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Today: Canada 2013

9 Jun

Well, some may have found that the most edge of seat racing, but I personally, found it to be strained and average.

There were great moments, Paul DiResta making it up 10 places from where he poorly qualified was certainly a highlight, and as a Mark Webber fan, seeing him go forwards and not backwards at the start was a great thing!

I must say that if it wasn’t for DRS and KERS then there would have been a lot of waiting around for very few battles to happen. Some have been saying that it is very artificial, but I would have to disagree, it’s an evolving sport, one that thankfully is moving forward with current technological advances. Instead of writing stuff off all together F1 does like to investigate and then either implement or ban a certain new development. KERS and the F-duct are two prime examples of each of these.

I have previously written about the sporting regulations and the technical regulations, granted now a few years old now, but all this rubbish around artificial racing makes me want to investigate what is illegal, as it points to previous developments on other cars that may or may not have given advantages (holes in the floor etc).

But alas I currently have no time! Maybe for the 2014 season, over christmas, I will read through them again. Just to make sure I can nit-pick appropriately for next season.

ANYWAY as I was saying, I’m still trying to think of race highlights, VDG not quite holding the door open? Hulkenburg not quite having suspension damage (at least it didn’t look like it to me!) and retiring prematurely? Maldonado not having any depth perception? The fact that Romain Grosjean made it to the end of the race, his car fully intact?

I dunno, maybe it was the amazing weather tormenting me, but I just couldn’t really get into this race. Silverstone now has a lot of pressure to deliver!


Today: 54km down

25 Mar

In terms of my #RunIntoOrbit year challenge that is 33.75 miles into it. 222-33.75= 188.25 miles to go!

Quite excited actually now because I have just finished my first full training plan, the aim? Simple really, run for 30 minutes.

I managed this at my second Park Run, 5km in 37 mins. Not a world record and nowhere near the 30 mins I wanted to actually run it in, but I didn’t stop. I just kept going! I hurt and was muddy and disgusting afterwards but I did it. That was my personal best!

What else in my world?

Well as you can probably tell, the blog hasn’t really been re organised. But I figured, as it is MY blog, I can talk about whatever rubbish I want. So, here is an update on well, things I give a little bit of crap about:

WORK – Going well. Love the job 🙂

GYM – started a new Army training program, starting at level 2 as level 1 ie effectively getting you to a point where you can run for 30 mins.. O look i’ve done that one!

WEIGHT/DIET – joined weight watchers. Let’s hope the motivation of paying for resources helps me out! Their website is a load of crap though, looks like one of those sites you get when you Google dodgy diets! but the resources are alright, it’s not designed for people who do real exercise, like say, cross training or exercise classes, or strength training. It truely is designed for older people who have done little exercise in their lifetime. I won’t get started on their mobile app. But it is making me think differently about what I eat! i seriously just got stuck at like the 80kg mark (those who see me won’t think this, I’m not a skinny runt but I’m not obese either) I just don’t know where it is sticking, but I have lost 1.5kg on Weight Watchers so far, So I guess that’s some progress?

F1 – Ah F1, so much has changed since testing! Due to recent events I can’t muster the strength and will power to discuss it at the moment. Again, like the past 4 years, I want Mark Webber to win the Drivers Title, I will put him down to win every race in my fantasy F1 team. Through torment and unfortunate Podium outburts. Unfortunately I am in a position where I can’t comment on anything unless I fancy having my head bitten off, called a hypocrite, or be accused of calling someone else a hypocrite (For the record now, I’m just glad that my lovely readers – who probably follow me on twitter – are as fed up of as I am, and hence we are looking forward to China!). O did you see Alonso go off? Made me chuckle. What made me chuckle more? This Tweet.

WEDDING – ahhh last but no means least! Still to sort most of the paying bits, and the car/rings/MotB presents and the DJ list but things are looking up! Sorted ourselves out with a highly recommended photographer (Chelsea Hopkins) and the invites are all well on their way out. I have a dress fitting in early June, as well as trial hair appointments and stufffff 🙂 It’s all coming together, all be it, I will be happier when we start paying for things and Charlie says he has got his groomsman stuff ready! Then after the wedding (I have no idea what will be happening on the night, would quite like my own bed!) it’s a 3 week wait till we jet off to Lanzarote on a 2 week all inclusive trip! There will even be mini golf. YES.

I think that is me done for now. I will be blogging about what I want in the future now! Which means I WANT A NICE FRIENDLY RACE IN CHINA TO TALK ABOUT obvs one with awesome racing though 🙂

Anyhoo, check out http://cinemail.wordpress.com/ in the near future for a different take on film reviews. [A little off topic I know, but then again this blog hasn’t exactly had a topic since 2008 when I started it.]

Talk about myself soon 🙂 TARRA!

#RunIntoOrbit and the Gentle F1 blog

28 Jan

Currently, as it stands I have run 27km of my run into orbit challenge, that’s about 16 miles or so, which is pretty awesome in my book!

I’ve only had to repeat one week of my training plan because I was a bit ill, but at least it means I’m not hurting myself like I was before! I’ve also learnt that by SLOWING DOWN you can run a lot further, yeah I’m not sprinting but it’s still running!!

Onto a different note, easing you in gently, the first F1 test of the season has just finished in Jerez in Spain, and far from any major surprises as it could be. The redbulls, Lotus and Ferrari were all fast, whilst the drama and attention that Lewis Hamilton died away quite quickly after he did a typical Mercedes driver stunt of parking badly. Granted it wasn’t his ego that took up 6 car parking spaces, but a rear break pressure failure that cases him to skid across the gravel into a tyre wall.

Not much else could be said that happened, Paul DiResta is still a lonely meme theme at Force India and the new drivers at Marussia are impressing as was to be expected, they both did well in GP2.

A shame for Davide Valsecchi who couldn’t find a seat in F1 even after winning its feeder series. Not too much of a surprise though, as although he seemed to be a lovely guy, he had a washboard personality….

Our beloved DLR managed to gain a seat in a Ferrari as well, it’s just a shame that it lasted but a few laps before the gearbox blew. A sign to come perhaps? Or not, at least, Fernando Alonso wasn’t worried enough to tweet positive things about it to hide his underlying fear!!

My bet for this year? Why, Mark Webber to win the WDC. Obviously. Hamilton to only make a second place and for Perez to almost win the championship. Just for giggles.

I won’t get started on livarys. McLaren=chrome….. RBR has PURPLE ON IT and the Sauber looks alright now. Yep I think that sums it up!!!

Today rags to riches

30 Apr

O Sauber. Why would you do this?

Chelsea were once respected and admired because they built up their victories, then a billionaire took over and we became a joke. We had bought our way to the top.

I know this won’t happen in f1 bit really???? There is already one controlling billionaire in motorsport, do we really need another to get his foot in the door?

As more news of this appears I’m struggling to see what chelsea get out of it. Sponsors get space to show themselves off. Chelsea are one of the most famous teams in the world now.

I don’t think this will be as good as sauber are trying to make it look. Money good yes. A step in for abramovich? Please say no…

Today: Formula One returns.

28 Mar

This weekend saw the second race weekend of the 2012 calender and what a couple of races it has been! Australia was full if drama right up until the flag, and Malaysia produced a surprise result that caught the entireity of Italy offguard.

A bonus for me as a Mark Webber fan is that he out-qualified Sebastian Vettel twice, and finished in the points both races, unlike the young double world champion, which after a season full of not being on the same playing field as his team mate, is a massive relief and makes this season even more exciting for me!

However the drama was nothing compared to what Felipe Massa is going through now, its now a case of ‘will he won’t he’ be racing for the entirity of the season, after finishing outside the points whilst Fernando Alonso took a surprising victory with a car that ferrari has admitted isn’t the best, and Sergio Perez of the ferrari young driver program took a second place in what was an epic battle for the line. Till he took a trip round the curb to add a few more seconds to the gap he had closed. This was after he got told to ‘be careful’ by his engineer, but we aren’t pointing any fingers at the young ferrari prodigy who drives for sauber who have ferrari engines. Nope…

It all kicked off with Sebastian Vettel and Narain Karthykaen (whose name I have spelt wrong… Sorry I’m on my phone!) When seb.decided to show an unfamiliar finger to the ‘young’ Indian driver, they then seemed to exchange insults via the media for the world to see. I can’t even remember the petty incident they are stropping about but for sure (I could be a formula one driver now) will this not be an easy thing to shake. Vettel has been called a bully, Narain has been branded a cry baby and neither of those is a good name to have. Personally I don’t really care what they call each other. As ling as they respect each other on the road. Yes that means moving out the way for the lapping car, but also not moaning if the slower car is in a fight for position. They should just cuddle and say that it was all heat of the moment, which it was.

I’m excited for China, if the current track of results is anything to go by then, for sure (driver in the making right here) it will be an awewome race.

Today: 1 – 2 (DNF)

24 Oct


Korean GP this weekend, after all the speculation as to whether the thing would actually go ahead, everybody racked up nervously over the past week, anxiously doubting what they would be expecting on the 5 hour drive from Seoul.

It seemed apart from the media bridge and the placements of seats IN the grandstands, everything seemed complete. The newely laid track was scrutinised by all drivers and race engineers, and even Martin Brundle had a crack at it.

Cautious thoughts were raised about the oil seeping through the top of the track surface (a natural process for all newely laid tarmac… needs a few weeks to sort itself out) making it very slippery. The pit lane – a completely different surface altogether left the front jack man from prety much all the teams with sore shins, as the concrete that was down just made the cars do this nice little slide when the brakes were applied.

The entrance to the pitlane became more of an issue when FP1 graced our screens, cars slowing to enter the pitlane, were behind a blind corner, on the racing line :/

The times during all three practice sessions dropped off from about 2min 30sec to 1min 40secs or less, everybody having to learn the track. This probably revealed the most adaptable and quickest learner on the grid, Robert Kubica, who although decided to remain distinctly average throughtout FP1 and FP2, demoted the rest of the field to nul by setting the fastest time in FP3 – fastest of anyone in free practices.

Qualifying led to no real surprises, Quali-king Sebastian Vettel made pole with Mark Webber blocking out the dirty side of the grid in second. Petrov suffered his 5 place grid drop and started the race in 20th, whilst there was more controvery over the 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher blocking his former team mate Reubens Barichello. When the issue was pointed out in the media interviews afterwards, MS waited to apologise. It seemed accepted with a pinch of salt – old wounds don’t heal completely it seems.


“It’s raining, quite alot” – Legard is way ahead of us in pointing out the obvious. Charlie whiting decided it safest to start behind the safety car, which they all did, for 4 laps.

Red flag and everyone starts twiddling their thumbs in their cars (Felipe Massa), re-doing their make-up (Lewis Hamilton), re-doing their hair (Nico Rosberg) or were discussing the differences between the safety car in spray and an F1 car with Bernd Maylander (Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso ).

Cup of tea later and they decide to start following the leader again. THEN FINALLY they let them go go go! time seemed to fly at least for Nico Rosberg who seemed to jump everyone and was doing fantastic until Mark Webber decided that running a little bit over the curb was a brilliant idea. 2 retirements. (and some more following the leader)

Racing continued with Sutil seeming to explore across everbody else’s racing line like a sheep dog, and Liuzzi taking some excursions. Jarno Trulli was the next retirement with some unfortunate Hydraulic issues. 3 retirements.

Lucas Di Grassi assisted Virgin by adding more DNF’s to their race tally, unlucky aquaplaning, whilst Sebastian Buemi took a first class ticket off the track taking Timo Glock with him, earning himself a grid drop at the next race. Vitaly Petrov seemed to think that the race didn’t have enough carnage spread across the track, so put his shiny yellow Renault into the pitwall. Pretty hefty impact, which won’t do his 2011 race seat any good. Sutils explorations soon caught up with him, as he collided with Kamui Kobayashi, and also earned himself a grid drop for knowing e had break issues. (I think the issues are called ‘standing water’)

Sebastian Vettel had it all going for him until his engine just went. He pulled a Heiki Kovalinen to put his own car out on track.

Hulkenberg secured a point after a magnificant race leaving him with a NEED to pit a few laps from the end of the race, Algesuari finished above Jenson Button, who in turn finished above Kovalinen and the 2 HRT’s.

Fernando ‘eyebrows’ Alonso took the victory, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa followed him swiftly over the line as darkness fell over the first race weekend at Korea.

A good weekend all in all. The track should be perfect for next year and all the curbs will be in place, as well as some accomodation and apparently more parking facilities!

Eyebrows now leads the championship by 11 points, with 2 races to go. Although RBR are still confident they WILL win both championships, the fans confidence was knocked a bit at the time. But we’re a resiliant bunch. The victory will be ours.

The party afterwards will defo be worth getting arrested for sneeking into aswell…


Today: The End is in Sight

30 Sep

It’s coming up to my final year at uni. I was pretty adament that i wouldn’t be participating in freshers week, due to me not really being bothered and due to the fact that freshers are inheritantly annoying.

A sudden wave of panic passed over me on Sunday afternoon however – kind of like a midlife crisis, but for students – that i wouldn’t beable to do anything like this again,  go out to my union and party till 2am whilst drinking more thn the recommended limit, dancing in terribly innappropriate shoes, and kissing boys i don’t really plan on learning the names of.

So to embrace this new found panic, i’ve been out as much as possible this week. Judging freshers, getting attention from all the younger guys who WISH they could get with a final year girl. Was pretty fun!

I was out at a union event last night called ‘megalash’ and my my was it mega. 4500 students to attend the multi-venue event within the union building i spent most of the evening dancing the night away in the night club with my friends, which kept a big smile on my face. I’ve missed my friends this summer and it occured to me that we only met 2 years ago really. Yet these are friends i am quite keen to keep in my life, yes yes i am sure that contact will be lost with most people i meet at uni, but these 4/5 have made such an impact on my life that i plan on keeping them in it!

Not to say i haven’t already had friends like this. I keep in contact with a few people from school and just stalk the rest on facebook like every other normal person.

This final year is going to be a massive decider in my life. I have only recently decided what i want to do and with that in mind i want to acheive the very best i can.

My initial goal when getting onto my preliminary year was to graduate. Graguate with honours and prove to all my teachers who said I would never go to Cardiff University wrong. The swift arrival of that goal in the next 10 months has made me hunt for a new one.

Tony Fernandes told me to “Dare to Dream“. So with that, i hope you’ll all see me sat on the pit wall during the F1 in the next 20 years or so.

It’s a tough dream let alone a goal. But I don’t back down from a dare lightly.

Lectures start on Monday, as does the stress of an overloaded work schedule and social calender.

Bring it On!!!

Today: Raikkonen back in F1?

14 Sep

Rumours? Speculation?

Whatever has been whispered of late can only get the eas of F1 fans twitching, could Kimi be returning?

The Finn left Ferrari in 2009 after a poor season, and failed to negotiate a further seat for the 2010 season. He decided to  pursue a career in Rally Driving signing with Citroen.

However after contacting Renault’s Team Principle Eric Boullier, he (EB) is quoted as saying:

“He (KR) is one of the drivers on our Radaar…. as is Vitaly Petrov

So what would happen if Kimi came back to F1, taking Petrov’s seat?

We know the top teams: Red Bull Racing, Ferrari and McLaren are keeping their seats.

I believe the following seats are in jeapordy:

  1. Antonio Liuzzi – Force India
  2. Vitaly Petrov – Renault
  3. Pedro De La RosaBMW Sauber (news has just confirmed his replacement.)
  4. Lucas Di Grassi – Vigin Racing

Now it seams that Virgin are keen to sign GP2 competitor Jerome d’Ambrosio, whilst Sauber seem to have their eyes on Nick Heidfeld – and won. Where would the two go after this?

PDLR may take over Nick Heidfeld’s seat testing tyres at Pirelli, whilst the new comer LDG could be without a seat, unless a deal could be made with another team.

Liuzzi has had several chances in F1 to make his mark and seems to have barely scratched the surface when it comes to challenging his team mate Adrian Sutil. If Petrov is given the heave-ho maybe a seat at Force India is on the cards?

Lotus are set to ditch their new name, but keep both their drivers Whilst Virgin are keen to keep Timo Glock – whether he is happy their or not will be one to watch. Maybe Di Grassi can keep his seat after all!

Michael Schumacher anybody? I’ll leave that alone for now.

The last 5 races will be filled with championship racing for those at the top of the field, whilst those nearer the bottom will be racing for their seats. Interesting to watch the entire field then!

Today: Monza’s Reactions

13 Sep

Although a race track generally doesn’t have a reaction to a race result, Monza is one of those places where the tifozo come out in so much force that even the drivers feel the track is alive. Felipe Massa said:

“All you could see was the fans, you couldn’t see the track”

I think this is a paramount atmosphere that you could only experience at Monza, the willingness of the fans for Ferrari to suceed, whilst having a fantastic race for everyone else, ending in a fantastic party can only equal a good time!

Indeed, this can’t be more apparent than when Fernando Alonso took the top step at the podium, although you couldn’t hear it on the tv all that well, the crowd went wild, infact i am sure that when the Italian National anthem came on every Italian in the circuit was singing along.

Far from the domination that was expected from Ferrari this weekend, it all seemed lost at the first corner when Jenson Button took the lead, and then lead till his pit-stop! Lewis Hamilton found out the hard way that bumping into the side of a Ferrari – which accordig to Martin Brundle are built for such collisions – breaking a part of his steering and retiring him from the race. Before the completion of Lap 1.

Kamoui Kobayashi had a pretty rough time of it as well, starting from the pit-lane he also didn’t complete the first lap, having to pull over on track.

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel dropped and made places all race, Webber had a tough time behind Nico Hulkenburg who cut as many chicanes as races he had raced in F1 and managed to get away with it. Jaime Algesuari on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Having cut the chicane once he then had to sulk down the pitlane for a drive through penalty.

Sebastian Vettel had all his fans hearts in their mouths as he left his pitstop till the penultimate lap of the race, i was worried that the young German would infact forget to pit -such being his luck and press at the moment – but he pulled a blinder. Managing to salvage 4th whilst Mark Webber salvaged 6th, and now leads the Drivers Championship.

 The race all in all was a race typical of common thought of F1, cars driving round and round. But the reprocussions it has on the championship will have every F1 fan sitting on the edge of their seats for the last 5 races of the season.

Today: It Must be Race Day- Monza

12 Sep

With McLaren regretting the spilt set-ups of their cars, Ferrari effectively dominated qualifying, Alonso (eyebrows) taking pole, the F-duct(ed) Jenson Button taking second and Massa lining up with Mark Webber to take the second row of the grid.

However much of a talented driver Lewis Hamilton may be, being stuck behind all of his Championship rivals and on the same row as the feisty Sebastian Vettel will certainly cause him some problems.

The first lap should be a critical time for all championship contenders, as there is no rain predicted during the race, the only other chance they could get at solidifying their positions is at the pit-stop. Which on a dry Monza track, will only happen once.

I hope for the Aussie Grit Mark Webber to sweep up past Button’s fat rear wing to grab a podium position.

I am not sure anybody can deny a total Ferrari white wash of Monza, I just hope that this time the true race result can stand on the podium.