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Today: Personal development

16 Oct

So yes, everything is rolling now. The wedding has been booked and I am now on my ‘get ready, set go!’ routine, which involves a stricter diet (yeah I caved in on two for tuesdays. But only had half a pizza and cookies… and garlic bread, to be fair i’ve been good all day!) Gymming three time a week, and choosing the final details about the wedding!

i have also taken it upon myself to learn python, though the edX program, my course is run by MIT and it’s quite challenging. It advises users that you will need 12 hours a week to complete the course, however I definately spent 12 hours just on the problem sheets this week! It would have been less, however their systems don’t like slow code. And mine was slow… it got to the right answer! just… slow. Who knew that a ‘for’ loop did the same as ‘month=0, run though everything until month=12’.

Still at least I’m learning!

It’s pretty hard at the moment, i’ve got a lot of things to look after. Washing, Washing up, wedding, making the bed, cleaning the bathrooms, studying, working, going to the gym, cleaning up… It adds up in a day. Not to mention the tutoring I do twice a week.

Stress levels are through the roof at the moment, BUT. I have a long weekend at the end of October. Which includes wedding dress shopping!!!

All I’m hoping is the next few weeks are just smooth. I don’t think I can cope with any major/big upset. Or change.

Who am I kidding? I just want my blanket and to stay in bed all day. blah!


Today: Week One Ends

1 Jan

So the end of week one has come.

My previous weight was 174lbs

My Current weight is now 172lbs

Which means that in Week one I have made a LOSS of 2lbs!!!!

This week was always going to be a tester, My fiance was back from university and we were spending as much time together as possible, so i admit I havent been the best I can be, But he has been helping. We went to Nando’s which is actually VERY good for you, we shared an EXTRA HOT (That’s right, we are hard) meal platter, which is a whole chicken between both of us, and 2 sides, now normally I get garlic bread, but, I decided to get a corn on the cob. My meal there was a total of 456 calories.  Pretty good considering restaurants are notorious for bathing their food in fat and rubbish, (Frankie and Bennies being one of the worst places i have ever been too).

That was Wednesday, by that point I had saved in total 2416 calories, been to the gym once, and was mentally preparing for the massive hangover I would have on new years day.

Friday was a ‘naughty’ day as well, we headed to Pizza Hut, where their calorie cut meal is really good. I had a chicken Pizzarette for 460 calories, eating a total of 481 calories   and it was filling. The free salad to start is a really good way of just nibbling and snacking.

NYE was horrific, had to have a cavary for my other half’s birthday, then well it was NYE. Not gonna lie, i’m still hanging now and it’s 8pm on new years day.

Also had a full english brekkie and another very unhealthy pizza. total calories for the day: 1786… not too shabby. Overall I have saved calories, lost weight, and come to the conclusion that I am NEVER drinking again.

I have found some alternatives to my regular indulgences, They will be on my sponsored diet “the food” page.

Good start to the diet then! I am in Cardiff till Wednesday, and I will be good all this week with my food, and will get back to the gym on Thursday.

Today: Joining the Gym

28 Dec

Day three on the diet roadtrip…. [imagine that said in a slow northern accent like on the Big Brother house…]

I have had NO bread for 3 days, it’s actually pretty hard to cut it out completely… but i’m managing it 🙂

So far I have saved 2416 calories — which is the total of 2000 – my daily amount — and today I signed up to the gym 🙂 Now I get bored mega easy, So I just spend 10 mins on everything, which means I now hurt. But no pain no gain right!

And to add to my epic protein/lack/craving of bread diet, I went and had EXTRA HOT chicken at Nando’s. That’s right bitches…

So now just gotta see if it pays off at the end of week weigh in. But OMGOSH I have never wanted garlic bread and cheese more badly in my LIFE.