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Today: 11 and 12. Keeping Up Appearances!

25 Aug

Day 11 was a warming of the soul kind of day. I knew I wanted to go to the gym, so I did.


It was extremely satisfying to decide i wanted to do it, not because I had to or that anything was dependent on it, but because I wanted to.

I can’t stand up properly now, but it’s a good kind of ache 🙂

Lots of different leg press positions! Wide leg, narrow leg and doing my calf muscles too… that was quite hard! I’m still not confident enough to tackle the free weight section. There are just alot of people there who seem to know what they are doing… and I haven’t s bloody clue!

Day 12 for me is reading up an ebook a friend recommended. By Kayla Itsines, I’m ignoring the fact it says it’s for ‘Bikini body’ as i hate shit like that, but focussing on the ideas in it. Which are good!


I’m quite excited to do a shopping list for it… get on all those healthy ideas 🙂

Anyway…. short post from me today!

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Have a good day peeps 🙂

Remember to try something new… at least once!


Today: Day 2, Changes Already – A Pin a Day

14 Aug

So yesterday was alright.

I didn’t run as an entire cold front dumped itself on Milton Keynes, and, after a couple of weekends a go when I ran 10k in the pouring rain. It didn’t appeal to me.

This made me realise.. I’m not motivated to run.

At this moment in time I dread every training run. My “go out and see how things are” runs are ok, because i literally just go and see how it is. But training runs with distances and pacing… well they are turning me into a bit of a nervous wreck.

So I’m pulling out of my half marathon at the end of September.

I started running to challenge myself and i ended up enjoying it. Now if i’m not enjoying it I don’t want to do it or finish any distance i’m on, or anything that happens on a run completely phases me, and i’m ruined. Then I feel like a failure.

Why continue to train for something you aren’t looking forward too?

When I was training for Paris, I was really looking forward to it. Yes I was scared, Yes I was nervous, Yes I didn’t think I would make it, but I believed I could, and I enjoyed pushing myself. That’s just not there this time.

I’ll get it back I’m sure! But right now It can’t be on the table.

So, I guess that means I can throw myself in my next annual goal of losing 10lbs (Half the issue with the Half was that it wasn’t really on my ‘plan’.. ).


I really like this idea of “a pin a day” as well, something little to push me through the next few weeks.

My weight on my motivation board got to 186 pounds, which means to reach my goal i need to get to 176.

I just weighed in today and i’m back up to 191 pounds 😦

I can’t lose motivation again…

10lbs to go! That’s what I have to focus on… so I guess I have two goals, the realistic 191 – 181, and the ideal of getting it down to 176.

So lets hope my pin a day helps with it!

Today i’ve pinned the best butt workout. I’m gonna lay my mat out on my landing and have a good time of it 🙂

best butt

Yesterday I managed pretty much everything on my list, except the milkshake… but we ordered cookies so that’s still fun 🙂

Now today I’ve just gotta hope my knee doesnt die when I start this.

Talk Tomorrow!

Today: Next Mountain To Climb

18 Mar

Don’t get excited, I’m not actually climbing a MOUNTAIN, just I see my next goal as one.

In January I set myself 4 goals as my new years resolution:

  1. Run the Paris Half Marathon (Jan – March)
  2. Run a sub 35min 5 km (Apr – Jun)
  3. Lose 10lbs (Jul – Sept)
  4. Run a sub 33min 5 km (Oct – Dec)

I decided to split it into little goals instead of the usual “I’m going to be healthy” blah blah you usually do, as I was fed up of giving up.

Goal 1 has been achieved and recorded in Today: I Did That, a truly emotional experience and I’m still thriving from the buzz from it!

Goal two is well underway and it isn’t even April yet, I knew I would PB at the next parkrun after the half marathon as I would still have all my strength and motivation from the 5 days before. And I did, Running Mumma coached me to a PB 5km of 36 mins exactly (even after getting up early for the grand prix). Meaning for my next goal, I have to shave a minute off that!

If you haven’t been to Milton Keynes parkrun before, you’re in for an experience. There is an infamous section known as the zig-zags, which is about 2- 3mins of uphill zig-zagging steep hill at about 2km. It hurts! But I know that’s where I’m going to make my best time gain, I slow right down when I get to the top, I think I could shave about 20 seconds off that hill!

In addition to this goal, I’m also trying to consciously make healthier lifestyle choices. I’m going good with my lunches and I have three bits of fruit on postits with times on when I should be eating them. Slow going, I’m trying not to go hungry, whilst also maintaining some kind of control.

Gym going has also picked up! Two club runs, 2 strength sessions and two alternative cardio’s a week (then parkrun on a Saturday), means I’m a busy bee, but I’m also feeling better for it, a lot calmer and just better rounded. It’s amazing what a bit of endorphin’s can do for you!

I haven’t felt this motivated in a very long time, and I really hope it stays with me.

Today: Semi-marathon de Paris

11 Jan

Last year in November I signed up to the half marathon in Paris.

Not one for taking and easy option, really!

Why Paris? Well I’ve been there twice for work, I’ve admired document stir and pictures of the city, I’ve seen horrible stories about Paris and the way that it’s extremely dirty and segregated. So I thought I would see for myself!

Why a half marathon? Once my beginners group ended I’ve been a bit lost for motivation, I didn’t know what to do, and I’ve been really enjoying running and the community, that I thought why not go further?

I did a 10k at the end of November – Movember, in Milton Keynes, and it truly was horrible. Wet, cold, windy, hill swamped two lap course. I was 5th from last and genuinely hated every second of it. Then I finished. I had a friend surprise me as I crossed the rain soaked miserably grey finish line and I could have cried. Crying due a mixture of pain, cold, and joy that I had finished.

My hatred of running was soon over, and I just couldn’t wait to do another. It was like I had identified everything that had gone wrong and I wanted to fix it for the next thing. Thankfully I’d signed up for Paris!

13.1 miles isn’t much further than 6, is it?

Flash forward to the new year and I got struck with the crappy coughing headache, fatigued virus that’s been making the rounds. 3 weeks I’ve been out with it, no running had been done till today!

Only 8/9 weeks till the half marathon.. No biggie?

I know that if I can train up to 10 miles I will finish the race. I mean, the final 3 is just a park run right? And if I can do that final push in 40 mins I will be happy!

Today I managed to run in the gym, 6km running to songs. Two songs running and one song walking, just to ease back in, that took an hour. The advantage to running in the gym is that I got to watch the news whilst running, which just so happened to be on the March through Paris in remembrance and solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, and it was a big motivation.

I have the freedom to run where I want, what would I do if someone tried to take that away? Someone tried to scare me away from it? Much like Boston and the reaction to that terrible attack I would run. I would show defiance and strength in that I was born with the strength to run, the strength to enter these races, to run for a charity, to run for myself.

It was motivating. It kept me going from my ” 20mins little intervals” to a full hour seeing how far I could go.

Now I feel I can say: #JeSuisCharlie

I’m still nervous about running this half, especially as I will probably not have a trailing couple of weeks of distance, and I will have to run at the peak. But I will run, I will go. Why should I let a cough stop me? Why I should I let my worry stand in the way of a truly AWESOME feeling?

I will be spending 4 days in Paris, exploring and taking everything in. And I will not be frightened or intimidated.

I will be a runner.
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Today: Running through the pain.

1 May

Well I’ve got more of a smile on my face today. Last night not only did I do my best run, I also weighed myself.

…when I say my best run, I ran for the longest distance – 2.02 miles – at a time of 21 mins. And I only had to walk for less than a quarter of a mile because I got sweat in my eye… I forgot my towel you see!

Loss of 2lbs people! And I feel better in myself. My running stuff is starting to get loose and I think I look smaller.

A far cry from a size 10 UK, but I’m getting there.

I missed the run I was supposed to do on Sunday, which I was really really gutted about. Never thought I could or would miss the gym but I did! So I’m back to going everyday again this week. Maybe not a run today (yeah because that’ll happen) as I’m not scheduled one, but a longer bike ride and a more intense cross training session I think is in order.

Maybe even squats. I think I could do 100 of them or so…

So excited for the gym!!!

I have now set some new goals.

I have run 2 miles in under 22 mins, more than once! – Also for 15 mins non stop. #gome!

My new goal is to:

  1. run 5km (3.2miles) in 33 mins or less.
  2. run at 10kph for as long as I can
  3. run 25 miles in total before 23/05 (currently on 6.03miles)
The aim for the week is going to be:
Run 3 miles in 35 mins or less

I’m aware this is similar to point 1. but I have to build from somewhere!

Today: The End of Week 7

14 Feb

Well after my illness last week I have unfortunately had a gain of 1lb, so my weight at the moment is 161lbs

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

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Which is actually quite a healthy thing to do after spending 2 days throwing up and a further 4 days of not eating properly, I’m also still on track to lose the 30lbs before my 15 week deadline!

I have been thinking alot about healthy eating recently, and since I have been doing weights at the gym, also about toning and losing weight from certain parts of my body.

I have always argued that you can’t have targeted weight loss, but can have targeted muscle gain. A statement which I have recently found on the British Heart Foundation website, where there are myths and hints and tips about a healthier lifestyle. I know I still have a long way to go, and although I also think this coming week will result in a gain again, overall I am feeling and looking better, which is one of the bonuses to living a healthier lifestyle.

One of the big things I have learnt is to just ask myself if I really want to eat that extra mouthful. It may seem like a waste but, in my eyes I just have something more interesting for breakfast/lunch the next day! So say for dinner I have a 10-slice pizza. I’ll only eat say 7 slices, then I will have the remains for lunch, meaning I have a smaller dinner, because i’m fuller for longer, then i’ll go to the gym, and save even more!

My meals have been getting smaller, and i’m getting fuller alot quicker than I used to!

After this week I hope to go to the gym for longer each time, and start having small salads with couscous. then i’ll get back on recording my new healthy meals 🙂

The past week has been pretty rubbish in general. I crashed my new car when I hit black ice, and if the stupid driver in front of me hadn’t turned right onto my road I wouldnt have braked and hit them. i’m now unable to get to work, terrified of adverse weather and cars, and lost my no claims on my insurance, which is pretty shit!

I’m deciding now that I will have a better year starting next week, because if I have to keep having a shit day every week I’m going to make my panic disorder worse again. Which will ruin all my self confidence! I now just hope my insurers will pay for my car to get repaired. Because if they don’t i’m officially screwed.

Send your luck my way please… I would ask for sponsorship this week, but I had a gain so i’m not expecting anything!

Today: The Ache.

31 Jan
Nando's logo

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I had a first weight session yesterday and the first part of my running training. So my arms and the backs of my thighs feel like someone has shortened my muscles by a good 3cm.

I think I did quite well (before my phone broke – strop and stormed off in very much a 16 year old type of manner… I’m 22) I went on every maching, starting at level 6 on the machines, as they don’t seem to have the weights there and then I did 15-20 reps at each level all the way down to level 1, then another 15 reps at level 6 again for good measure.

I did some situps too for the first time in ages. I counted to 20 before doing the horrible side ones and then sarted feeling teh burn so I stopped! Whimpy I know but I was hurting 😦 . I’m gonna try that health and fitness routine tonight I think. Get my other half to push me more so that it actually has an effect!

I said I started my running training too, I set the treadmill up for a 30min work out, set my walk speed at 5kmph, and my running at 9.5kmph and did 5 min walk followed by a 1 min run. The thing that blew my mind? Taking bigger steps stopped my ankles hurting. Propper striding out that is, so I would have to go at a pretty fast pace, but this 7 week thing should get me running 2 miles comfortably by the end of it, then I can start running outside the gym, as by then it should be light when I get home from my new job!

I saved over 900 calories yesterday, and I had extra protein by going to nandos. ❤ Nandos.

My next gym day is Wednesday, I’ll do my weights again, won’t start counting the situps till the burn kicks in and do my second stage in the running.

THEN hopefully my weigh in at the end of the week will be nicer to me. 🙂

But I am proud to say that my size 16 jeans now literally fall off me. Think of the comedy weight loss photo, I can do that!

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Today: End of Week Three

15 Jan

and here it is:

Previous end of Week Two weight: 168lbs (after realising that 12st dead is 168 and NOT 170)

End of Week Three weight: 165lbs (OR 75kgs for all you metrics out there)

I felt pretty disheartened this morning when I weighed myself, because it said I was in the same place I was before. – if not more. However when i then weighed myself on a hard surface (type of surface I usually weigh myself on) because my scales are crap and need stability, I found I had lost 3lbs!

Relief in my eyes, i didn’t want to report to my regular followers –  Miss Jennifer Walker – writer of “The Year of the Detox” being one of them, who is trying the old age saying of 8 glasses of water a day, a difficult thing to do by what I have read! Personally, myself and coffee have far to great a dependence relationship to be parted… though I am trying to cut down at work!

Had a pretty active week, burnt over 400 calories at the gym both times I went this week, and as there are no snack vans around where my new job is, I am just stuck with my lunch that I make the night before, usually wraps with lots of salad and either ham or cheese. The sainsbury’s “Be Good to Yourself” wraps are only 130 calories each and are pretty filling if you add mushrooms and peppers. I’ve also had a diet coke too just to add a bit of varience to my day, and then variations of fibre bars, and peanuts.

Thinking about adding fruit into it, possibly bananas, not apples. Apples are a bit sweet for me at the moment! as it seems I have cut out anything and everything sweet.

Everything has been pretty similar this week, I’m loving the routine of the new job, 9-5 <3. only issue is what feels like the mission to and from work. hour there and an hour back along a road which is just notorious for arseholes. So i’m always super stressed when I get home in the evening, the only way I found that will calm me down and not make me want to punch anything that moves is the gym. The glorious and loud and punishing gym. the 2 times I went last week I felt like a god, totally exhausted but so much better after I had taken out all the punishment on myself and not say stressful tweets of facebook messages… nope… So i’m looking forward to going to the gym 3 times next week!

in total I saved just over 4000 calories this week, I aim to do the same next week and the week after just to try and track my progress. I’m so proud that I have stuck to this and I hope you recognise it too! If so, please share this, or sponsor me – as all of this is for my personal well-being and for the British Heart Foundation! – by clicking here.


Today: End of Week Two

8 Jan

And the stats are in for the second week. I wasn’t expecting a loss this week, its my girl week… So I feel like the size of an elephant and have all the energy that would be contained in a decafe coffee.

But to my surprise I did! Last week I was 172lbs and this week I am 170lbs. Which is awesome !!!!

I have only been to the gym once

this week due to the pain my ovaries are putting me through, so this loss is purely attributed to me eating well. I like saying its due to the celery and dip. Massive win on my part!

This means that next week when I start going to the gym more often I will lose more! Not immediately though. I know it takes it sweet time to actually have any effect on my body, but I should start getting fitter 🙂

The graphs will be updated later, as I’m currently blogging from my phone (Ooo get new technology) so yeah 🙂 go me!!!!!

Today: Good Work Me.

5 Jan

I had an UBER productive day today.

  1. Had 4 hours sleep because my body refused to shut down
  2. Good interview, good tests, hopefully made a very good impression will find out more by Friday 13th
  3. watched the 6th Harry Potter film
  4. Played on the Sims 3.
  5. Gymmed it for over an hour, burnt 80 calories on the walk to and from the gym, and 400 at the gym. A new record for me!


Here’s hoping my hard work pays off at weigh in at the end of the week! saved OVER 1000 calories today. That includes me having a cornetto for my sins.

I have decided to set my self rewards every time I manage something new, reading some health magazines (which i’m never buying again as I don’t seem to have 27 hours a week free to exercise) they say that having goals and rewards can be a massive motivator.

So here are a few I think I will aim for, and the rewards i’m considering!

  • 10,000 calories burnt purely at the gym and I get a treat like an entire box of vienesse chocolate biscuits.
  • Run continuously for 15 mins at 7.7km/h and I get  to buy a new film
  • Burn 200 calories per machine in one session and I get junk food.

On top of that I still have my monthly treats, and as long as i’m still losing i’m determined to carry on and just keep trying!

At the gym I managed to burn 480 calories, and I didn’t spend more than 10 minutes of intense exercise on each machine. I just go for a mid-high range level, set it for 10 mins and then go for it. Then I do the cool down and aim for a round number of calories to hit!

3 cardio machines took me to 330 calories, then I spent half an hour on the weight machines for some strength and toning stuff which took me to 400. The 80 is just from me walking to and from the gym! If I can walk there I will, but when I end up going after work I will just drive straight there from work.

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