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Today: Monza’s Reactions

13 Sep

Although a race track generally doesn’t have a reaction to a race result, Monza is one of those places where the tifozo come out in so much force that even the drivers feel the track is alive. Felipe Massa said:

“All you could see was the fans, you couldn’t see the track”

I think this is a paramount atmosphere that you could only experience at Monza, the willingness of the fans for Ferrari to suceed, whilst having a fantastic race for everyone else, ending in a fantastic party can only equal a good time!

Indeed, this can’t be more apparent than when Fernando Alonso took the top step at the podium, although you couldn’t hear it on the tv all that well, the crowd went wild, infact i am sure that when the Italian National anthem came on every Italian in the circuit was singing along.

Far from the domination that was expected from Ferrari this weekend, it all seemed lost at the first corner when Jenson Button took the lead, and then lead till his pit-stop! Lewis Hamilton found out the hard way that bumping into the side of a Ferrari – which accordig to Martin Brundle are built for such collisions – breaking a part of his steering and retiring him from the race. Before the completion of Lap 1.

Kamoui Kobayashi had a pretty rough time of it as well, starting from the pit-lane he also didn’t complete the first lap, having to pull over on track.

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel dropped and made places all race, Webber had a tough time behind Nico Hulkenburg who cut as many chicanes as races he had raced in F1 and managed to get away with it. Jaime Algesuari on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Having cut the chicane once he then had to sulk down the pitlane for a drive through penalty.

Sebastian Vettel had all his fans hearts in their mouths as he left his pitstop till the penultimate lap of the race, i was worried that the young German would infact forget to pit -such being his luck and press at the moment – but he pulled a blinder. Managing to salvage 4th whilst Mark Webber salvaged 6th, and now leads the Drivers Championship.

 The race all in all was a race typical of common thought of F1, cars driving round and round. But the reprocussions it has on the championship will have every F1 fan sitting on the edge of their seats for the last 5 races of the season.


Today: It Must be Race Day- Monza

12 Sep

With McLaren regretting the spilt set-ups of their cars, Ferrari effectively dominated qualifying, Alonso (eyebrows) taking pole, the F-duct(ed) Jenson Button taking second and Massa lining up with Mark Webber to take the second row of the grid.

However much of a talented driver Lewis Hamilton may be, being stuck behind all of his Championship rivals and on the same row as the feisty Sebastian Vettel will certainly cause him some problems.

The first lap should be a critical time for all championship contenders, as there is no rain predicted during the race, the only other chance they could get at solidifying their positions is at the pit-stop. Which on a dry Monza track, will only happen once.

I hope for the Aussie Grit Mark Webber to sweep up past Button’s fat rear wing to grab a podium position.

I am not sure anybody can deny a total Ferrari white wash of Monza, I just hope that this time the true race result can stand on the podium.

Today: FP1 Anybody?

10 Sep

The biggest decision facing most of the teams this weekend shouldbe what they are having for breakfast. However McLaren Mercedes seem to be throwing all their toys out of the box, and throwing a tantrum about the F-duct.

It seems that while most of the field is already in the know about the F-duct for this race, McLaren still aren’t sure!

So much for the older teams knowing what to do ehy…..

From all their complaints however they do seem to be coping very well, currently 1st and 3rd, seperated by the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel.

But what does practice really show us? Previous ones have shown no real correlation to doing well in practice and doing well in qualifying. It does however show us how confident the teams are with their new kit, If they have paint on it the generally they have done work on the simulator and in the wind tunnel but just need to have that extra bit of confidence – like girls constantly asking if they “look good in this dress”.

Are both cars in the team running the same new stuff? If so, then they may have not done any minor upgrades, probably a major one and seeing the opinion of the drivers as to whether they should run the major upgrades.

Minor upgrades? May be that only one driver is running them so they can do comparative runs.

General concensus with the teams is that you need a paper thin wing AND the F-duct. As has just been proven by a Torro Rosso (Sebastian Buemi) who has gone fastest through the speed trap.

Also if you look carefully at the scoreboard you’ll probably notice in between the Ferrari’s and the Michael Schumachers and stuff that Paul Di Resta, Force India’s test driver, is holding his own. Race seat for next year maybe?

We’ll see in FP2 whether the Torro Rosso will put the F-duct on their other car, and if McLaren still have all their tools in the box.