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Today: 3 to go

17 May

That’s pounds not days, 1.1kgs until I hit my first goal!

Feeling alright 🙂 it’s been a bad week this week for eating, but I did do 3 different classes so I think that’s ok?

Anyway, still got alot on my plate, wedding planning, moving, job hunting. But we have seen a couple of short term lets around, so it’s not the end yet!

If all else fails I’m sure we will be taken in by some family (we hope….)

In regards to wedding planning, I am trying to slowly complete the names for the place settings, and the table names. Just trying to look at examples and to try and not make them look rubbish. Got some favours stuff going on as well, and the table centre pieces are coming along, we have to tell the registry office all our details for the ceremony in the next couple of weeks, so that’s a job for the weekend!

Off for a factory tour around Lotus F1 tomorrow, so we are very excited! Then back to chelters where we are planning a Nandos. 🙂

Looking forward to tomorrow! And the weekend, we get to pick wedding music for the bit when guests are arriving. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Anyway, signing off for now! TTFN xx


Today: The Ache.

31 Jan
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I had a first weight session yesterday and the first part of my running training. So my arms and the backs of my thighs feel like someone has shortened my muscles by a good 3cm.

I think I did quite well (before my phone broke – strop and stormed off in very much a 16 year old type of manner… I’m 22) I went on every maching, starting at level 6 on the machines, as they don’t seem to have the weights there and then I did 15-20 reps at each level all the way down to level 1, then another 15 reps at level 6 again for good measure.

I did some situps too for the first time in ages. I counted to 20 before doing the horrible side ones and then sarted feeling teh burn so I stopped! Whimpy I know but I was hurting 😦 . I’m gonna try that health and fitness routine tonight I think. Get my other half to push me more so that it actually has an effect!

I said I started my running training too, I set the treadmill up for a 30min work out, set my walk speed at 5kmph, and my running at 9.5kmph and did 5 min walk followed by a 1 min run. The thing that blew my mind? Taking bigger steps stopped my ankles hurting. Propper striding out that is, so I would have to go at a pretty fast pace, but this 7 week thing should get me running 2 miles comfortably by the end of it, then I can start running outside the gym, as by then it should be light when I get home from my new job!

I saved over 900 calories yesterday, and I had extra protein by going to nandos. ❤ Nandos.

My next gym day is Wednesday, I’ll do my weights again, won’t start counting the situps till the burn kicks in and do my second stage in the running.

THEN hopefully my weigh in at the end of the week will be nicer to me. 🙂

But I am proud to say that my size 16 jeans now literally fall off me. Think of the comedy weight loss photo, I can do that!

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Today: Week One Ends

1 Jan

So the end of week one has come.

My previous weight was 174lbs

My Current weight is now 172lbs

Which means that in Week one I have made a LOSS of 2lbs!!!!

This week was always going to be a tester, My fiance was back from university and we were spending as much time together as possible, so i admit I havent been the best I can be, But he has been helping. We went to Nando’s which is actually VERY good for you, we shared an EXTRA HOT (That’s right, we are hard) meal platter, which is a whole chicken between both of us, and 2 sides, now normally I get garlic bread, but, I decided to get a corn on the cob. My meal there was a total of 456 calories.  Pretty good considering restaurants are notorious for bathing their food in fat and rubbish, (Frankie and Bennies being one of the worst places i have ever been too).

That was Wednesday, by that point I had saved in total 2416 calories, been to the gym once, and was mentally preparing for the massive hangover I would have on new years day.

Friday was a ‘naughty’ day as well, we headed to Pizza Hut, where their calorie cut meal is really good. I had a chicken Pizzarette for 460 calories, eating a total of 481 calories   and it was filling. The free salad to start is a really good way of just nibbling and snacking.

NYE was horrific, had to have a cavary for my other half’s birthday, then well it was NYE. Not gonna lie, i’m still hanging now and it’s 8pm on new years day.

Also had a full english brekkie and another very unhealthy pizza. total calories for the day: 1786… not too shabby. Overall I have saved calories, lost weight, and come to the conclusion that I am NEVER drinking again.

I have found some alternatives to my regular indulgences, They will be on my sponsored diet “the food” page.

Good start to the diet then! I am in Cardiff till Wednesday, and I will be good all this week with my food, and will get back to the gym on Thursday.

Today: Joining the Gym

28 Dec

Day three on the diet roadtrip…. [imagine that said in a slow northern accent like on the Big Brother house…]

I have had NO bread for 3 days, it’s actually pretty hard to cut it out completely… but i’m managing it 🙂

So far I have saved 2416 calories — which is the total of 2000 – my daily amount — and today I signed up to the gym 🙂 Now I get bored mega easy, So I just spend 10 mins on everything, which means I now hurt. But no pain no gain right!

And to add to my epic protein/lack/craving of bread diet, I went and had EXTRA HOT chicken at Nando’s. That’s right bitches…

So now just gotta see if it pays off at the end of week weigh in. But OMGOSH I have never wanted garlic bread and cheese more badly in my LIFE.