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Today: The return of ‘the graph’

6 Aug

As I said yesterday, today was weigh in day. I weigh a glorious over achieving 11st 11lbs. I over achieve when it comes to retaining weight you see.

I have decided to put up the weights of F1 drivers and compare myself to them, I’ve only put a couple up at the moment, but each one is a separate goal. I don’t think I will get down to 127lbs, that of Kamui Kobayashi! But a shot at Heikki Kovalinen (141) is a better option.

As you can see I match that of the manly chiseled jaw of Mark Webber, who shares his weight with Vitaly Petrov. (Paul Di Resta takes the heaviest weight of 172lbs!), my next goal is Nico Hulkenberg, at 163lbs, it’s only a 2lb drop from my current weight, but I’m sure it will still be a challenge!

Here is the graph:



Running went well today, 2 mins run, 2 mins walk, produced a Nike+ graph that looks like this:



Very smooth don’t you think? I was the pace setter for this, which was good! Charlie got a good ‘view’ and I could just run without feeling like I had to catch up. The last interval seems quicker just because I was taking smaller steps quicker, and Nike+ works by measuring the impacts of your feet.

Still pretty consistent. According to runkeeper Charlie and I ran the second 2min the quickest at 9min/miles. I think I will take pace information from Runkeeper, but average pace from Nike, or something like that!

Anyway, today has been good, and going for the 30min 5k is getting slowly closer!


Today: FP1 Anybody?

10 Sep

The biggest decision facing most of the teams this weekend shouldbe what they are having for breakfast. However McLaren Mercedes seem to be throwing all their toys out of the box, and throwing a tantrum about the F-duct.

It seems that while most of the field is already in the know about the F-duct for this race, McLaren still aren’t sure!

So much for the older teams knowing what to do ehy…..

From all their complaints however they do seem to be coping very well, currently 1st and 3rd, seperated by the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel.

But what does practice really show us? Previous ones have shown no real correlation to doing well in practice and doing well in qualifying. It does however show us how confident the teams are with their new kit, If they have paint on it the generally they have done work on the simulator and in the wind tunnel but just need to have that extra bit of confidence – like girls constantly asking if they “look good in this dress”.

Are both cars in the team running the same new stuff? If so, then they may have not done any minor upgrades, probably a major one and seeing the opinion of the drivers as to whether they should run the major upgrades.

Minor upgrades? May be that only one driver is running them so they can do comparative runs.

General concensus with the teams is that you need a paper thin wing AND the F-duct. As has just been proven by a Torro Rosso (Sebastian Buemi) who has gone fastest through the speed trap.

Also if you look carefully at the scoreboard you’ll probably notice in between the Ferrari’s and the Michael Schumachers and stuff that Paul Di Resta, Force India’s test driver, is holding his own. Race seat for next year maybe?

We’ll see in FP2 whether the Torro Rosso will put the F-duct on their other car, and if McLaren still have all their tools in the box.