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Today: End of Week 10

7 Mar

I seem to have become awesome at maintaining my weight. I can’t shift anything even though my diet/exercise hasn’t varied from previous weeks.

I’m rapidly losing motivation, so this post will be short, but will also be a cry for help.


How do you stay motivated? Are you like me in that you need people to notice to make it worth it? Are you doing a sponsored activity and lacking in sponsors?

I need help here.

My next couple of blogs will be off topic a bit from the diet, but that’s because there are ignorant people that need to be shamed, and the F1 season will be starting soon….


Today: End of Week Three

15 Jan

and here it is:

Previous end of Week Two weight: 168lbs (after realising that 12st dead is 168 and NOT 170)

End of Week Three weight: 165lbs (OR 75kgs for all you metrics out there)

I felt pretty disheartened this morning when I weighed myself, because it said I was in the same place I was before. – if not more. However when i then weighed myself on a hard surface (type of surface I usually weigh myself on) because my scales are crap and need stability, I found I had lost 3lbs!

Relief in my eyes, i didn’t want to report to my regular followers –  Miss Jennifer Walker – writer of “The Year of the Detox” being one of them, who is trying the old age saying of 8 glasses of water a day, a difficult thing to do by what I have read! Personally, myself and coffee have far to great a dependence relationship to be parted… though I am trying to cut down at work!

Had a pretty active week, burnt over 400 calories at the gym both times I went this week, and as there are no snack vans around where my new job is, I am just stuck with my lunch that I make the night before, usually wraps with lots of salad and either ham or cheese. The sainsbury’s “Be Good to Yourself” wraps are only 130 calories each and are pretty filling if you add mushrooms and peppers. I’ve also had a diet coke too just to add a bit of varience to my day, and then variations of fibre bars, and peanuts.

Thinking about adding fruit into it, possibly bananas, not apples. Apples are a bit sweet for me at the moment! as it seems I have cut out anything and everything sweet.

Everything has been pretty similar this week, I’m loving the routine of the new job, 9-5 <3. only issue is what feels like the mission to and from work. hour there and an hour back along a road which is just notorious for arseholes. So i’m always super stressed when I get home in the evening, the only way I found that will calm me down and not make me want to punch anything that moves is the gym. The glorious and loud and punishing gym. the 2 times I went last week I felt like a god, totally exhausted but so much better after I had taken out all the punishment on myself and not say stressful tweets of facebook messages… nope… So i’m looking forward to going to the gym 3 times next week!

in total I saved just over 4000 calories this week, I aim to do the same next week and the week after just to try and track my progress. I’m so proud that I have stuck to this and I hope you recognise it too! If so, please share this, or sponsor me – as all of this is for my personal well-being and for the British Heart Foundation! – by clicking here.


Today: Joining the Gym

28 Dec

Day three on the diet roadtrip…. [imagine that said in a slow northern accent like on the Big Brother house…]

I have had NO bread for 3 days, it’s actually pretty hard to cut it out completely… but i’m managing it 🙂

So far I have saved 2416 calories — which is the total of 2000 – my daily amount — and today I signed up to the gym 🙂 Now I get bored mega easy, So I just spend 10 mins on everything, which means I now hurt. But no pain no gain right!

And to add to my epic protein/lack/craving of bread diet, I went and had EXTRA HOT chicken at Nando’s. That’s right bitches…

So now just gotta see if it pays off at the end of week weigh in. But OMGOSH I have never wanted garlic bread and cheese more badly in my LIFE.

Today: More Women in Science

5 Mar
Image of Stargate: Continuum cast at Arctic sh...

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I am currently sat in Week 6’s Discover! Club’s activity, which is adding a blog post commenting on what has been discussed in this presentation about how women are portrayed in Science.

As a woman in science I feel I could write about myself here, so engaging my ego as much as possible i think i will.

I’m a total science-crime-fighting-drama person (with a swing towards Grey’s Anatomy as well…. Patrick Dempsey = YUM!), we were talking today about how women can be portrayed in these drama’s. Personally I was (and still secretly am) a Stargate fan, I watch the series more than the poor excuse of a film, enjoying the primitive adventures they travel on whilst travelling through an interstellar transportation device called a Stargate.

Now actually studying for a physics degree i find it quite satisfying pointing out the mistakes, continuity errors and general scientific rif-raf that has been presented to me over 10 seasons of SG1, 5 seasons of Atlantis and the 2 series of universe.

Back on point.

There is a character in stargate that i can quite unashameably say is one of the main reasons i decided to study Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University. That character is successfully portrayed by Amanda Tapping, and she pretty much plays my heroine. Dr Lt. Col. Samantha Carter:

Strong, emotional, clever beyond anyones dreams, can shoot things, gets with the hot guys, BRILLIANT.

It’s any wonder why i wanted to model myself on her!

I do think it depends on what you watch as to how the women are portrayed. Also some of the writers, I have noticed that whenever it is a female author of that episode, the women seem to be very domineering, intimidating, bitchy and very pretentious, compared to when the men write about them. Where it’s the other extreme (generalizing here boys)

The girls i am working with are all UK yr 9’s. 14 year olds, choosing their GCSE choices and probably spend a little bit more time watching TV than they should. They are easily influenced by the people they meet in their life, even though they wouldn’t admit it even when under torture (at least if there were any boys around). And probably even more affected by who they see on the TV.

Thankfully TV is alot more forgiving nowadays and the portrayal of female scientits is becoming alot more positive, than that nerdy girl in the corner.

The girls seem to be taking to the challenge quite well, listening around anyway -noticed that this is like a running commentary? LIVE BLOGGING PEOPLE! – o dear. I’m not sure about their takes on the subject at hand, but they certainly know who they want to write about, people from the BBC’s Coast – Dr Alice Roberts, People from Scrubs, other scientific things…. (i really need an Ipad or soemthing that i can walk around and actually see what people are doing) All for different reasons, why they look up to them, Why they don’t, whyt hey think they’re famous….

The posts are going to be uploaded to: http://morewomeninscience.blogspot.com

So have a read if you want.

The revellations may not end up in another book, but it may give people an insight that 14 year old girls may actually be affected by what’s shown on TV. But more postively than we give the directors credit for.

Hopefully it’ll inspire them to take up a passion for something that was dreamt up in a writers dream!