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Today: The wedding skincare

5 Jun


Well I’ve suddenly got the wedding prep panic with just over 60 days to go (Ah!)

For the past few days I have been religiously sticking to a facial plan, to try and keep breakouts down, and make my skin as clear and pretty as I can make it!

June2013 282

Here are my tools of the trade as such, the full shabang! I don’t use everything once a day, but I use some twice a day.

Here is my routine:

Step one

June2013 283

This is my face wash (not scrub) and a scrubbing pad, step one! Ive never had an experience with a scrub that didn’t end in something going in my eye or me using half the bottle to feel clean, so the face wash and the scrubbing pad allows me to be as gentle or rough as I like, depending on if I’m wearing makeup or not. Once I’ve scrubbed the day of my face, I use a flannel to clean off the soap, none of this splashing face stuff! Luke warm water, and wipe off. Means I don’t miss anything.

Step two

June2013 284

Step two is the face mask. Not to be done everyday, but once a week. I love this No.7 mask! Simple and warming, I put about half a brazil but size blob, and rub in from the nose out, round the eyes, forehead and t zone, before doing cheeks and chin. Then again with the flannel and warm water and wipe off. Skin feels soft afterwards. I would avoid using it if you have any broken skin, as it can cause irritation.

Step three

June2013 285

Step three is the seaweed cleanser from the body shop. I use this to cool my face after the scrub and the face mask, I put a pea size amount on a cotton pad and work from the nose round the eyes, t zone, cheeks and chin. I will brush lightly round the eyes to take the flaky bits of eye make up and dust off. This is a very gentle clean and I would recommend if you are feeling a bit flustered and hit after being in the sun!

Step four

June2013 286

Step four is the camomile eye make up remover. Less is more with this product from the body shop, a couple of drops on a cotton pad and ensure you clean up and down the lashes. Works gently and well. Key purchase in my book!

Step five

June2013 287

Step five is the good old Clearasil deep cleansing toner. Gets all the nitty gritty dirt out, try not to go over the eyes as it stings a bit! Make sure you follow just below the jaw line as well and a sweep over and behind the ears wouldn’t go amiss as well! Only about 3 drops needed on a cotton pad again. A little goes a long way.

Step six

June2013 288

Step six, and the final one is the moisturiser, I used to be a garnier girl until I found this! Feels a bit thick to go on at first but the after effect is really really nice. Simple replenishing rich moisturiser. A good investment!

I tend to use the toner when I wake up as well, especially when it’s hot! I will only use a tiny bit of moisturiser in the morning as well, if I’m only wearing mascara anyway. If I decide on a full face of makeup I use the body shop primer. But the makeup will be for another blog post 🙂

In regards to showers, I will do my routine, except the moisturising. I have an old face scrub (boo), seaweed from the body shop, that I use to wash any shampoo and stuff off my face that may have got there. Just to try and stop my skin from drying out.

My skin feels amazing right now and I’m sure I will update you if I discover any other stages. But out of all the prep that’s going on, it’s nice to have a bit of routine to go on, which, when it comes to wedding nerves, can be very reassuring!


Today: The Fantastic 4

3 Aug

August 3rd 2012

Calories consumed 1410

Sit ups completed 200

Other toning exercises 200

Blogging on harriparf completed

That is 4 stars earned today on my star chart! My own personal record whilst other world records are being broken at the London 2012 Olympic games.

It was a burst of Energy that inspired me today, I felt I just had to achieve it and so I did!

Tomorrow will be a bit more of a challenge, I’m currently on my best streak for saving calories (2 days…) So I’m hoping tomorrow I will continue my trend!

I’m doing something a bit different to what I previously did, I’m not minusing the calories I use up from exercise, So I’m literally only looking at what I consume. I’m trying to burn between 200 and 500 calories a day from walking and running, I use my ipod as a pedometer and do about 4500 steps a day without running, which is pretty poor! 

I would say I’m aiming for 10000 a day, but I’m not sure how I could manage that. But it could be something I aim to do whilst I’m on holiday!

Monday is the next weigh in day, so I will find out how this week has gone after work, I have been well behaved all week so I’m really hoping for a loss!! 

I’m also trying to do the whole ‘ask yourself if you are really hungry or not’ thing, however I like food to much. But I did resist the second packet of quavers that fell out the macing today, and resisted more fruit just because it was there and healthy. Upward battle, but I’m beginning to push back!

I was back on my tablets today, after having 2 days off. I spent the first half of the day feeling high as a kite, and not really with it, or myself, but I am feeling more normal now. 2 days off again from tomorrow So expect a sad post over the weekend. But an honest one at least! 

Today: It’s a scorcher

24 Jul

So since the shift in the Gulf stream North it has suddenly become like a hot sweaty bundle of pure joy here in Cheltenham. Which is fantastic for the mood and the tan, but not so good on the body image.


Well when things get hot they expand? I am sure that this is what has happened to my body. Everything is in proportion EXCEPT my stomach. it just seems to have expanded to the size of a balloon and it really doesn’t seem like it’s going down, I lose weight (3lbs so far) but it doesn’t go from there. I really don’t know how to cut it down.

I’m a firm believer in “targeted toning” but “non-targeted weight loss” ie, you can build muscle in specific places, but you cannot lose weight specifically.

Charlie and I are back on week one of the running challenge (check #sofato5k on twitter for progress) and we’ve done 2 days so far. I guess I have to just “wait and see” some results. Worst advice EVER. I hate just waiting around, I’m really to impatient, I guess that’s why I’m so up for having something to do everyday. I want to come home and do my DVD‘s, or try going for a run,  or blog more. I think of all these things when I’m at work, I just guess that when I get home I just need to stop.

And however much Charlie comes running with me, sometimes I need him to go in the other room. He will go, after I’ve pushed him away and then I feel bad for telling him to effectively “sod-off”. I need to see progress quickly or I lose motivation. A bad thing I know, but as i’ve said before, I’m impatient.

My star chart is still going OK. It’s just my motivation to carry on, and that’s bringing me down. Again.

So it’s a fat day. A fat week, an epic bloated and fatty day. yuck.

Today: The Start of Something

25 Jun

Today is a Monday, it is the evening, we have radio one on, Charlie is playing F1 2011 and I’m sat in my PJ’s with Orange squash and a whiteboard on the floor with a laptop on, well, my lap.

Today I am writing this because on the Friday which has just passed, Charlie and I got the keys to our very first flat. It’s top floor, 2 bedrooms – one being a box room, 2 bathrooms – one being a shower room and a large living/kitchen space.

This is THE start of a new beginning. I have a new notebook, a new park to run round and a new energy. I like it.

My aims I have for the coming weeks are not to different from what I have had previously, but I have Charlie with me to keep me on track, something I’m quite (I lie, exceedingly) chuffed about.

The aims for the next few weeks are as follows:

  1. Consume no more than 1800 calories a day
  2. Run 5km in less than 35 mins
  3. lose 10lbs
  4. Continue to not have sugar in my tea/coffee
  5. Touch my toes

Point 1 is going well, today I had less than 1500 and I’m quite stuffed!

Point 2 is erm getting there… I can do about 2.5km at the moment on the treadmill without stopping, but only running outside will help me understand just what my fitness is all about, and where it is at!

Point 3. My current weight is: 168lbs So I want to be 158lbs. Then will move on to smaller numbers to get down to my desired weight of 130lbs!

Point 4 I started last week, when I worked out I could save 200 calories a day if I just cut the sugar out my tea and coffee, I can instantly tell if someone puts sugar in it now!

Point 5 is to increase my flexibility, in the hope that it improves my recovery from any injuries I get from running.

I have new running socks and new running clothes, and I do feel better than when I started at Christmas,  however a loss of half a stone isn’t really fantastic! Not the result I am hoping for anyway

As soon as I lose these 10lbs I will allow myself to have a takeaway curry. That is my treat! It will probably take more than a month to do, but I’m determined to get there!!

I’m tempted to start my graphs up again, and When my running gets better, start up the sponsored diet again, except enter myself for a 5km or 10km race… But those adventures are still a little way off!

Wish me luck, heaven knows I need the motivation

Today: The weeks go by..

25 Mar


It has been an epic while since I have blogged, So i’ve decided to do a big blog to cover a few things. They are:

  1. The Sponsored diet

  2. My new job

  3. Plans for the next few months

  4. Recent activities

1. The Sponsored diet.

I had a massive relapse, I gained 5 lbs and I was embarrassed to report it, so I didn’t. So i’m swallowing my pride and I’m saying it. I’ve had a gain. I relapsed back to 11stone and 10 lbs, instead of 11 stone 5 lbs.

That is what I was when I last weighed in (a week ago) and I have been going to the gym alot and been lowering my calorie intake slowly, meaning I don’t need a very big lunch, even if I go to the gym after work!

I also tried a spin-class, which is torture on a bike, I thought I was doing ok, till I pretty much fell into another biker at the end of the session… bad times…

I got new running shoes! They have the Nike plus in them so running should be easier to track! I have only managed to use them once since getting them on Wednesday (It’s now Sunday) but I could tell they would stop me getting shin splits and that I would run properly instead of rolling my ankles inwards. My ankles hurt in a different place now, but it’s more of them getting used to the new position than shoving my metatarsals into my shin bone

So thank you everyone who has sponsored me. I have not stopped, my new shoes have given me the drive to carry on, and the fact that I am smaller size now (I can get into a size 10 jersey dress! – but really i’m a 12-14 thanks to my bum) means I am more motivated than ever!

2. My New Job

I analyse data about data, and manage how that data is produced and shown… and It’s even for a company people have heard of! I’m pretty chuffed and if they keep me after my 3 month probation I’ll be in my first ever Permanent position! Which isn’t just a win… it’s an #epicwin.

3. Plans for the next few months

Charlie and I are getting a flat!!! We’re going to be looking at them when he is on Easter break, and we’ll have a deposit down and one picked by the end hopefully!! Then we get to plough forward with the wedding plans, savings, his PGCE and me improving more at work.

I’ve got a week long holiday coming up in Woolercomb in August to look forward to as well. Can’t wait 🙂

4. Recent activities

I’ve had rough times to be honest, I fell off the diet bandwagon (not majorly, but enough to see a difference), and i’ve had to start counting down the days till Charlie and I move into a flat to give me something short term to look forward to.

I’ve also had good times come from rough times, I had some bad false comments made about me this week, but it bought out the good in people, standing up for me backing me up and making me feel like I’m respected in some way. Which is fantastic! The comments can never be removed, but the respect will also always be there – so a big thanks from me here.

I’m off to see Michael Mcintyre on Monday, and shopping for my ball dress (next friday) during the day, which means i’m with Charlie for a couple of days longer! Then it’s Easter break… and the flat hunting!!

I promise I will have more blogs to read over the coming weeks. If you want more then follow me on twitter! @harriparf.

(I also promise there will be some F1 stuff again on here soon… Mark Webber [om nom nom] is doing well! WOOP WOOP!)


Today: Motivation

10 Mar

(Photo credit: brianjmatis)”]clothes [761]I went shopping.

Something girls (and very hungover boys) are very good at doing, I spent my hard earned money on new clothes for work, and a couple of dresses for the summer, or nights out. Whichever comes first.

The catch? the new clothes for work are my size now. My other clothes are the size below what I am. Infact the new jeans I bought are 2 sizes smaller….

I will do this. I will get smaller! I will get into those jeans, and the dresses. Totally worth the £85. Totally. 🙂

Today: End of Week 10

7 Mar

I seem to have become awesome at maintaining my weight. I can’t shift anything even though my diet/exercise hasn’t varied from previous weeks.

I’m rapidly losing motivation, so this post will be short, but will also be a cry for help.


How do you stay motivated? Are you like me in that you need people to notice to make it worth it? Are you doing a sponsored activity and lacking in sponsors?

I need help here.

My next couple of blogs will be off topic a bit from the diet, but that’s because there are ignorant people that need to be shamed, and the F1 season will be starting soon….

Today: End of Week 9

26 Feb

Ok ok, so I know I missed last week, but it was a week of a gain of 1lb as I was just eating RUBBISH. No kidding, I had pizza, crisps, rolls, chocolate, more pizza and yes, even more pizza.

So actually considering it was only a gain of 1lb, Not that bad.

That was the end of week 8, and I was 162lbs

Today is the end of week 9 and I am 161lbs which is good… I guess, been eating just salads with extra meat added in, mainly fish, with some fruit too.

By Friday I had saved over 5000 calories this week, which is a MASSIVE achievement, I have been to the gym 3 times this week, even managed to do all my running interval training!

My interval training isn’t the most amazing thing, I have literally been increasing how much I run by 30 seconds and decreasing how much I walk by 30 seconds. This week I was running for 2 mins at 9.5kmph, then walking at 5kmph for 3 mins. Next week its half and half, so I should make it over 2 miles! I’m hoping by the end of all this interval training I will beable to run for half an hour at a pace without stopping :). Then I can get onto some propper training.

I took my measurements this week as well, and I have lost an inch from everywhere I have measured 🙂 that’s my chest, waist, hips and thighs. So I am getting smaller 🙂 which is one of the important things I wanted to achieve with this sponsored diet, I wanted to feel better about myself, and I do!

My weight loss has slowed, but I don’t know what else I can do. I’m saving between 500 and 1000 calories a day and I’m going to the gym 3 times a week! If anyone has any advice or hints/tips then please comment!

if you’re impressed then please sponsor me! I’m raising money for the BHF so you can either visit http://www.justgiving.com/harriparf, or text “diet59 £1” to 70070.

Graphs will be up soon, and I will update all the blog pages! Thanks 🙂

Today: The End of Week 7

14 Feb

Well after my illness last week I have unfortunately had a gain of 1lb, so my weight at the moment is 161lbs

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

Image via Wikipedia

Which is actually quite a healthy thing to do after spending 2 days throwing up and a further 4 days of not eating properly, I’m also still on track to lose the 30lbs before my 15 week deadline!

I have been thinking alot about healthy eating recently, and since I have been doing weights at the gym, also about toning and losing weight from certain parts of my body.

I have always argued that you can’t have targeted weight loss, but can have targeted muscle gain. A statement which I have recently found on the British Heart Foundation website, where there are myths and hints and tips about a healthier lifestyle. I know I still have a long way to go, and although I also think this coming week will result in a gain again, overall I am feeling and looking better, which is one of the bonuses to living a healthier lifestyle.

One of the big things I have learnt is to just ask myself if I really want to eat that extra mouthful. It may seem like a waste but, in my eyes I just have something more interesting for breakfast/lunch the next day! So say for dinner I have a 10-slice pizza. I’ll only eat say 7 slices, then I will have the remains for lunch, meaning I have a smaller dinner, because i’m fuller for longer, then i’ll go to the gym, and save even more!

My meals have been getting smaller, and i’m getting fuller alot quicker than I used to!

After this week I hope to go to the gym for longer each time, and start having small salads with couscous. then i’ll get back on recording my new healthy meals 🙂

The past week has been pretty rubbish in general. I crashed my new car when I hit black ice, and if the stupid driver in front of me hadn’t turned right onto my road I wouldnt have braked and hit them. i’m now unable to get to work, terrified of adverse weather and cars, and lost my no claims on my insurance, which is pretty shit!

I’m deciding now that I will have a better year starting next week, because if I have to keep having a shit day every week I’m going to make my panic disorder worse again. Which will ruin all my self confidence! I now just hope my insurers will pay for my car to get repaired. Because if they don’t i’m officially screwed.

Send your luck my way please… I would ask for sponsorship this week, but I had a gain so i’m not expecting anything!

Today: End of Week 6

5 Feb
British Heart Foundation

Image via Wikipedia

And i’ve done it.

I’ve reached the second big milestone that I wanted to reach:  The loss of one stone.

This means my weight is now down to 160lbs!!! (72.6kgs for all you metrics)

My first big milestone was beating Mark Webber‘s weight of 75kgs (a point which I have now marked on my graph below)

So i’m pretty chuffed right now!

The only issue this week is that I had food poisoning, so i didn’t eat ANYTHING for 2 days, which has had a bigger impact on my fitness more than my weight, as I just feel exhausted all the time! I have made up my fluid levels again so I don’t have my epic headache on anymore, and I’m looking forward to going back to the gym, back onto the weight and running training stuff 🙂

I have a couple of new goals to work towards again:

  1. Run the mile
  2. Run 2 miles
  3. Go to the gym 3 times in one week
  4. Save 4500 calories in one week (650 calories per day)

i know running the mile and then 2 seems to just lead into each other, but i’m doing a training program for the 2 miles and I just want to beable to run the mile again, to say that I can!

REMEMBER! I’m doing this in aid of the British Heart Foundation, and if yuo would like to sponsor me, even just £1, you can text “DIET59  £1” to 70070. It’s really that simple, OR visit http://www.justgiving.com/harriparf

Thanks for reading and following!